May 23, 2019 »
London: Sean Kidney presents Webinar for Eurelectric members about EU Taxonomy. Kidney will also be voting in European elections.
May 27, 2019 to May 28, 2019 »
Istanbul: Sean Kidney gives Summary speech on the 27th and attends panel on Mobilising Finance on the 28th at UNDP Conference "Istanbul Development Dialogues".
May 28, 2019 »
Frankfurt: Manuel Adamini gives green bonds training session at NKI seminar.
May 29, 2019 »
Rome: Serena Vento attends panel at Mondo Investor conference on ‘New Frontiers for ESG Investment’ and meets stakeholders.
May 30, 2019 »
Salvador: Thatyanne Gasparotto co-hosts GRI Club Meeting: Nordeste - Alternativas de Financiamento em Infraestrutura Urbana.
Jun 4, 2019 »
Kepler Cheuvreux’s Conference Call: Manuel Adamini speaks on CBI’s commitment to use green bonds as a lever to discuss core business strategy reorientation toward a lower carbon model, and how investors can fund that.

Events archive

Dec 10, 2018 »
Katowice: Ujala Qadir takes part at “Adaptation of forests to climate change – action on the ground and opportunities for innovative finance instruments”, a Climate Bonds & Swiss Government event, 14:15 @COP
Dec 10, 2018 »
Katowice: Sean Kidney takes part at "Extending Green Bonds to New Frontiers" panel, organised by the European Investment Bank, @COP24.
Dec 8, 2018 »
Katowice: Sean Kidney takes part at the Global Climate Action session "Climate-Action and Finance Mobilizing climate-aligned investment", 14:30 @COP
Dec 8, 2018 »
Katowice: Sean Kidney takes part at the European Capacity Building Initiative "Innovative Sources for Multilateral Climate Finance", 13:15 @COP
Dec 7, 2018 »
Paris: Sean Kidney takes part at panel two of the Franco-British Green Finance Summit: “Leadership in global green finance: green financial centres and the role of cities”
Dec 7, 2018 »
Nairobi: Olumide Lala is a guest speaker at Sanlam Investments
Dec 7, 2018 »
Paris: Sean Kidney speaks at Franco-British Green Finance Summit
Dec 7, 2018 »
São Paulo: Thatyanne Gasparotto speaks at Sustainable Infrastructure panel at 2nd Brazilian Sustainability and Investment Seminar
Dec 7, 2018 »
Katowice: Prashant Vaze presents Case Studies of UK/India Cooperation, UK Pavilion, 11:30 @COP
Dec 5, 2018 »
Maputo: Olumide Lala joins the Financial Markets Panel at FSD Network Conference