Green, Social and Sustainable Municipal Bond Opportunities in North America

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Event date: 
Jun 16, 2022
Event time: 
13:30 New York / 10:30 Los Angeles

The US Municipal market is seeing an increased focus on Green, Social and Sustainable bonds, both from the point of view of issuers, as well as from investors. However, given the scale of the Muni market, there is opportunity for the market to develop much further.

To mobilise institutional money, and dedicated mandates which could help to drive policy change and shift capital at scale, the market needs more benchmark deals from the full range of economic sectors.

The purpose of the webinar, hosted by CBI and sponsored by the London Stock Exchange, is to provide an overview of the Green Muni Bond opportunity, targeting primarily issuers and investors in this market segment.


o Mike Brown, Environmental Finance Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

o Emily Robare, Head of Muni ESG Research, Pimco

o Aude Rajonson, Head of Fixed Income Origination, London Stock Exchange Group

o Candice Partridge, Social and Sustainability Bond Data Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative.

Moderator: Nancy Kummer, Chief Business Development Officer / Managing Director, BLX Group

Event sponsors: 
Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
London Stock Exchange Group
Event speakers: 
Aude Rajonson
Candace Partridge
Emily Robare
Mike Brown
Nancy Kummer