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Posted: Aug 25, 2017

Our latest China update, keeping you informed on the major the world’s biggest green bond market in the first half of 2017

Our China Green Bond Market Mid-Year Report, produced in partnership with China Central Depository & Clearing Co. (CCDC) is now available.

中国绿色债券市场半年报 2017:China Green Bond Market Mid-Year Report: Green bond issuers, policy decisions and all the big market developments!
Posted: Aug 17, 2017

Record issuance in Q2, Crédit Agricole tops the underwriters table, diversity in deals but more corporates still needed, harmonisation is on the way and EU Expert Group on Sustainable Finance gathers steam


Green Bonds Mid-Year Summary 2017 

Green Bonds Mid-Year Summary 2017: Climate Bonds looks at the last six months numbers, the trends and our tips for the rest of 2017
Posted: Aug 14, 2017

Banco de Comercio Exterior de Colombia S.A. comes to market with their first green bond. Banks lead the way in Colombia. 


Colombia’s 3rd Green Bond: Bancóldex issues COP200bn (USD67m): Proceeds to fight climate change. Support from IDB, SECO and Climate Bonds Initiative
Posted: Aug 11, 2017

Urban infrastructure bonds to ride on the back of policy push. And if you’re looking for the coming rail boom, it’s already here. 

The Indian green bond market is growing rapidly. India is among the top 10 green issuers in the world with issuances at USD 6.1 billion, a third of which hit the market in 2017 alone. We expect this volume to increase with new regulatory and policy measures providing a positive nudge to the market.

India events focus on green finance: Regulation adds fillip: Munis get a reboot & look for more bond based funding: Meanwhile the rail boom begins to roll
Posted: Aug 4, 2017

Anecdotal evidence has suggested that green bonds are heavily oversubscribed and may price tighter than expected. Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: January 2016 - March 2017 explores the data to discover whether or not this is happening.


What’s it all about?

The green bond market continues to grow and as of July 2017 totalled over USD 233 billion. The ongoing strength of the labelled green bond market illustrates the extent of investor demand for climate-related investments.

Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market - Is There a Greenium? Latest Analysis from Climate Bonds
Posted: Aug 3, 2017

Brazilian and UK organizations meet and join forces to grow sustainable development and green finance as part of 2nd annual Economic & Financial Dialogue


Chancellor of the Exchequer launches UK–Brazil Green Finance Partnership in São Paulo
Posted: Aug 2, 2017

Como parte do 2º Diálogo Econômico-Financeiro Brasil-Reino Unido, organizações dos dois países se encontram e unem forças para impulsionar desenvolvimento sustentável e financiamento verde


Mais detalhes

Parceria Brasil-Reino Unido em Finanças Verdes é lançada pelo Ministro da Fazenda do Reino Unido, Phillip Hammond
Posted: Jul 31, 2017

Help keep the momentum going to green up the EU financial system, drive capital investment towards climate, sustainability and infrastructure goals


What’s it all about? 

EU Expert Group on Sustainable Finance: Interim Report: Give your feedback before September 6th: Make our planet great again!
Posted: Jul 28, 2017

Grüne Verbriefungen; Green Covered Bonds; die Rolle der Börsen; Green City Bonds und 5 Einfache Schritte für Emittenten von Green Bonds – alles, was Sie unbedingt wissen sollten

Jetzt auf Deutsch: 5 Themenpapiere zum Thema Green Finance
Posted: Jul 28, 2017

A less sticky summer for Sean & Justine, working across the other side of the Equator - apart from a one-day trip to New Delhi for a FICCI Summit at the end of the month. Sometimes we like it cold.

August Events: Summertime chills: Sydney, Melbourne, São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro - Climate Bonds flies to the Southern Hemisphere this month