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Posted: Dec 9, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

Support for Green Bonds in Climate Finance Policy & Market Mix


Today at COP21: 27 Global investors representing $11trn AUM back 'Paris Green Bonds Statement'
Posted: Dec 9, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

COP21: 09/122015: Paris: Today we are launching a Green Bond Guide for the public sector, offering detailed action plans & best-practice examples from around the world for how to grow green bond markets.

Climate Bonds and UNEP Inquiry Launch Green Bond Policy Report ‘Scaling Green Bond Markets - Guide for the Public Sector’
Posted: Dec 8, 2015 by Andrew Whiley


HSBC inaugural  500m ($547m) green bond is BIG success with 4x oversubscribed (0.625%, AAA, 10 yrs)

Mkt update: roaring wk in GB mkt -Renovate America 1st labeled Green ABS $201m +2nd review! Big demand HSBC €500m 4x oversub; Oslo NOK1.5bn, CN’s $65m water, Repeats from EDC, EIB, OPIC, detail on SocGen; & gossip!
Posted: Dec 8, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

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Reminder: Wed 9 Dec, 18:00-20:00 CET - COP21 Side Event: Green Bonds: the 2016 Game Plan. Speakers: Burrows, Robins, Reynolds, Loeffler, Tennant, Kidney, Youngman & Massih
Posted: Dec 7, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

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Tomorrow’s Best COP21 Side Event: Even Better-It’s in the Green Zone! Climate Finance Aggregation Forum with Helen Clark and Naoko Ishii; 15.45-17.15 Rio Pavilion, Green Zone
Posted: Dec 7, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

Joint Focus on Standards and Categorisation for Green Investments



French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development & Energy becomes Climate Bonds Partner
Posted: Dec 6, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

COP21: Paris: 6/12/2015: 1500 CET: Justine Leigh-Bell, Head of Standards at Climate Bonds has issued a call to action for global transport stakeholders to participate in the development of the world’s first Low Carbon Transport Climate Bonds Standard for green and climate bonds.  

COP21 Transport Day - Paris: Global call to industry stakeholders - support development of new Low Carbon Transport Climate Bond Standard
Posted: Dec 4, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

Bonjour! from Paris, which is currently buzzing with climate change enthusiasts and hopeful negotiators as the COP21 ends its first week.

And what a week at Le Bourget it’s been. From some of the discussions it looks like green bonds are firmly on the climate finance agenda.


The FOUR 2015 headlines everyone should take away:

1) Green bonds are financing a range of green projects – from renewable energy to sustainable water. 

COP21 Update: every Paris finance session talking green bonds as 2015 cracks $40bn; We’ve created a short green bonds briefing especially for busy people at COP with the headlines that matter.
Posted: Dec 3, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

At the last month of 2015, green bond issuance passed last year record of $36.59bn to reach $40.05bn. 

A total of $7.92bn new issuance in November makes it the biggest month EVER for green bond issuance in the history!

Expect more updates on new issuances in our next blog.

2015 YTD GB issuance reached $40bn! Nov is the biggest month EVER for GB issuance
Posted: Dec 3, 2015 by Andrew Whiley

Today, we are excited to announce our newest partner; AllianceBernsteinLP (AB), a leading investment management firm has joined our Partnership Programme.

In a statement released from New York a few hours ago, the international manager pointed to the need to drive ‘innovative climate friendly investment solutions.’

Global Manager AllianceBernstein becomes Climate Bonds Partner