• Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability Bond Survey

    Sovereign Green, Social & Sustainability (GSS) bonds contribute to strategic government initiatives surrounding climate, catalyzing local green finance markets and attracting new investors. These and other findings are contained in a first of its kind survey undertaken by Climate Bonds. 

  • 绿色、社会和可 持续主权债券: 发展贴标债券市 场的中坚力量

    基于与19个主权债券发行人的对话, 气候债券倡议组织(以下简称“气候债 券”)撰写了全球首份针对绿色、社会及 可持续主权债券(Sovereign green, social, and sustainability (GSS) bond,以下简称“贴标主权债券”)的调 查报告。

  • Green Bond Treasurer Survey 2020

    Green Bond Treasurer Survey 2020  is a first of its kind, unique interrogation of market experience to identify core benefits and challenges of issuing green bonds and provides guidance to potential newcomers into green financial markets.

  • Green Bond European Investor Survey 2019

    This is Climate Bonds Initiative’s first green bond investor survey in a planned series. We talked with 48 of the largest Europe-based investment managers. Total assets under management (AUM) of respondents was EUR13.7tn, and their total fixed income AUM EUR4.3tn, with an average of EUR90bn and median of EUR34bn.