Scaling up EV Ecosystem in India: opportunities and barriers

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Event date: 
Jan 10, 2022
Event time: 
15:00 Mumbai/Kolkata/New Delhi

Emissions from the transport sector contribute significantly to deteriorating air quality and human health in cities. India has 6 out of the top ten polluted cities globally, with air pollution affecting most of North India severely and being responsible for the deaths of estimated 1.25 million people annually. Also, transport accounts for 20% of global energy use and contributes 25% to 30% of emissions. There is a need to reduce emissions as climate change poses an existential threat. Besides air quality and emissions, EVs offer energy security and economic opportunities. India is home to 53 cities with a population of over a million. These prerogatives compel India to look at electric mobility options to meet its transportation needs in a sustainable manner. 

The panel brings together expertise in Finance, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Battery Charging & Swapping and policy to throw light on the various aspects. 

- Moderator: Chandrashekar Iyer – Executive Director, Management Consulting Division at Fichtner Consulting

- Dr Rashi Gupta – Managing Director at Vision Mechatronics
- Maxson Lewis – Managing Director at Magenta – ChargeGrid, Power & Infomatic
- Raja Gayam – Co Founder at Biliti Electric Inc.
- Prashant Vaze – Senior Fellow at Climate Bonds Initiative
- Ms Akshima Ghate – Senior Principal at RMI India

We would like to thank Fitchner, Vision Mechatronics, Biliti Electric Inc., Magenta and RMI India for their support!


Event speakers: 
Akshima Ghate
Maxson Lewis
Prashant Vaze
Raja Gayam
Rashi Gupta