Guidelines for Financing a Credible Coal Transition

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Event date: 
Dec 13, 2022
Event time: 
8:30am New York | 1:30pm London

Please join Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), and RMI for a webinar on their recently released working paper, Guidelines for Financing a Credible Coal Transition. These guidelines, developed in consultation with stakeholders and experts from public, private, and civil society institutions, provide a framework for assessing the climate and social credibility of financial transactions that aim to accelerate a managed phaseout of coal-fired power plants.

During the webinar, you’ll hear from a representative from the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero on the credibility risks of financing a coal transition, and CBI, CPI, and RMI will provide an overview of how the guidelines can help manage these risks. As we recognize that transition finance for the coal-to-clean transition is a new and rapidly evolving space, we look forward to hearing additional feedback, perspectives, and questions that can shape the future direction of this work.


- Barbara Buchner, Global Managing Director, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

- Koben Calhoun, Principal, RMI

- Ronan Hodge, Technical Lead, Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ)

- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

- Tyeler Matsuo, Manager, RMI

- Zofia Wetmanska, Senior Taxonomy Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative

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Climate Policy Initiative
Event speakers: 
Barbara Buchner
Koben Calhoun
Ronan Hodge
Sean Kidney
Tyeler Matsuo