2022 China SIF Week Side Event Finance for Sustainable Agriculture: Opportunities, Pathways and Actions

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Event date: 
Dec 7, 2022
Event time: 
16:00-18:30 CST

Climate change is exacerbating the challenges of global food security, and the need for agriculture and food systems transition has been reached consensus. Capital markets have a vital role in supporting the evolution of agriculture and food systems towards more efficient, low-carbon, resilient and sustainable. This seminar will focus on the role of green and transition finance and will discuss the prospects of opportunities, transition pathways and practical experiences of financial institutions entities in investing and financing green development and transition in agriculture.


Host:LONG Yuqing, ESG Product Manager, SynTao Green Finance




Opening Remark

Sean KIDNEY, CEO and Co-founder of Climate Bonds Initiative 

GUO Peiyuan, Chairman, China Sustainable Investment Forum



Keynote speech

CHEN Ying, Director of Cereals and Oils Department, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Livestock

XIE Wenhong, Head of China, Climate Bonds Initiative 

FU Xiaotian, Director, Food and Natural Resources Program, WRI China



Agricultural Standards Roundtable Discussion

Moderator: XU Xiuling, Senior Vice President at CreditEase and Member of China SIF Board of Directors


RAO Shuling

Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Green Finance Association

Senior Researcher of Institute of Finance and Sustainability  

Leisa SOUZA, Head of Latin America of Climate Bonds Initiative 

LAN Xing, Vice President, Green & Sustainable Hub, Asia Pacific, Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking

SHEN Lina, Director of Institutional Business, SynTao Green Finance



Agricultural Commodity Investment Roundtable Discussion

How can green and transformational finance be mobilised by developing sustainable value chains?

Moderator: LI Shaoxin, China Agriculture Transition Lead, Climate Bonds Initiative


DU Hongxia, Senior Program Manager, Energy Transition & Climate Finance, WWF

Erika SUSANTO, Research & Data Director of FAIRR Initiative

QIN Jun, Deputy General Manager of Muyuan Foods



Launch|Agri-food Transition Principles

LI Shaoxin, China Agriculture Transition Lead, Climate Bonds Initiative

Event sponsors: 
Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
Syntao Green Finance
Event speakers: 
Leisa Souza
Sean Kidney