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Posted: Mar 20, 2024

Progress towards Innovative Pathways and Financial Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture 

The agricultural sector is on the brink of a transformative journey towards net zero, navigating through a landscape marked by diversity, fragmentation, and contextual specificity. This complex journey intertwines climate change mitigation with biodiversity conservation, adaptation, resilience building, and the pursuit of food security and social justice. 

Financing the Agri-Food Sector's Transition to Net Zero
Posted: Mar 16, 2024

Climate Bonds welcomes approval of the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in European Parliament 

New regulation in the EU can help bring Europe closer to a net zero future by facilitating green buildings, phasing out fossil fuels, and incentivising energy efficiency in mortgage lending.

Climate Bonds welcomes approval of the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in European Parliament
Posted: Mar 6, 2024


Colombia Unveils New Taxonomy Guidelines to Accelerate Green Finance
Posted: Mar 2, 2024


March Events Blog: From New York to Bolivia to Brussels. Stay connected with us!
Posted: Feb 20, 2024

We stand at a critical juncture in the fight against climate change, witnessing unprecedented global impacts that demand urgent action for our resilient future. The devastating toll of inaction is starkly evident in lives lost, livelihoods destroyed, and economies ravaged. Confronting these challenges calls for stronger collaboration and unwavering determination to accelerate a sustainable, equitable and resilient economic transition.


Closing the Resilience Financing Gap
Posted: Feb 16, 2024


The journey toward net zero in Europe has already begun with a host of EU sustainable finance regulations and policies – we are on the right track. The question now is, can we move fast enough? 

This week, the MEP Paul Tang hosted Climate Bonds Connect 2024 in Brussels at the European Parliament. The event brought together sustainable finance leaders, industry experts, and policymakers to discuss how Europe can meet the challenge of climate change and transition to a net zero future.

Climate Bonds Connect 2024 Brussels: The EU’s Road to Net Zero
Posted: Feb 2, 2024
February Events Blog: From Canada to Belgium to China. Stay connected with us!
Posted: Jan 30, 2024

Climate Bonds Certification surges past USD300bn milestone in 2023: driving green finance forward
Posted: Jan 11, 2024
January Events Blog: From Mumbai to Brussels. Stay connected with us!
Posted: Jan 8, 2024

I hope you had a happy New Year.

In London, today is the first working Monday of the year; this is just a short note to welcome you to that year.

For me, 2023 was a little sobering. It became clear that climate change impacts have really started — fires, heat, floods, storms, and more. The mission we have is now to avert catastrophic climate change; and the IPCC has been very clear that the window to act is very tight.

But despite that reality, I’m actually full of hope for 2024.

For a start:

1. Capital is flowing to climate action in greater volume, at greater speed, than ever.

Welcome to 2024!