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Posted: Apr 15, 2019 by Andrew Whiley

São Paulo: Climate Bonds Certification, Green Taxonomy and Sector Criteria in the spotlight



Posted: Apr 14, 2019 by Andrew Whiley

Strong demand marks Woolworths move to green network of supermarkets: Australia continues innovation and best practice in green finance 


Posted: Apr 12, 2019 by Mariana Caminha

Newest addition to the multiple region Low Carbon Buildings Criteria: More Proxies becoming available for Green Building Bonds to be Certified under the Climate Bond Standard


Low Carbon Buildings Criteria

Posted: Apr 11, 2019 by Andrew Whiley

Reviewers Sought

Posted: Apr 9, 2019 by Mariana Caminha

Expert groups convene to begin first round of discussions for the development of new Criteria


Posted: Apr 9, 2019 by Andrew Whiley

CBI Certification means “Dark Green” says Finance Minister: Long term DSTA target of EUR10bn in GBs: Issuance in May 

The DSTA Statement 

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 by Andrew Whiley
Guest Viewpoint: Manuel Adamini, Sean Flannery, Toby Heaps and Eloy Lindeijer​

(First published March 2019 in Pensioen Pro: Opinie | Nodig grijze bedrijven uit voor het groene obligatiefeest) Published April 2019 (IPE Magazine)

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 by Louise Patzdorf


In a move to help advance green infrastructure development in South Africa, Fedgroup has become a signatory to the international Green Bond Pledge