ICBC, biggest bank in the world issues certified green: IREDA issues certified green from India: Austrian, Swedish, Brazilian, Swiss, and Canadian issuance, more US munis, moving pictures, gossip and a big green bond from Mexico City Airport

ICBC is the world’s biggest bank and it’s also the world’s biggest listed company. When they issue their inaugural green bond and it's Climate Bonds Certified, we think it's news worth repeating.

And when India’s state-owned energy agency IREDA does the same, we think that’s good news as well.

Market Blog #28 - 25/6/19: 2019 GBs pass USD100bn mark: June volume at USD13.1bn; Chile sovereign Certified Climate Bond 1st for Americas: Spotlight on cities, news, gossip and more!




  • Over USD106bn issued in 2019 year to date - June figures at USD13.1bn so far
  • Chilean sovereign green bond, a Certified Climate Bond, makes history
  • Spotlight on the future of cities: resilient, smart and sustainable


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