League Table

Q1 largest ever for green bonds ($16.5bn issuance); BAML leads the top 5 qtrly underwriters league table but remaining 4 spots taken by Chinese underwriters – showing the importance of China in growing GB market

Quarter 1 of 2016 saw a remarkable take-off of the green bond market with a total issuance reaching $16.5bn, the largest ever-quarterly amount issued! That's almost a $1bn more than our inital tally

This fantastic growth is driven in part by China which accounted for over half of all green issuance in the quarter.

Credit Agricole CIB tops Q4 green bond underwriters table; the overall 2015 year end top spot goes to BAML!

2015 was a magnificent year for green bonds (look out for our year-end market summary coming soon!). Q4 is in particular a busy quarter for green bonds – a total of $14.87bn were issued, and November was the largest monthly issuance EVER with $7.4bn of green bonds.

SEB tops annual Green Bond Underwriters League Table – by a whisker, but Q4 results have Morgan Stanley & JP Morgan on top. Plus we set banks underwriting targets for 2015. Cheeky, yes, but someone has to push them.

Morgan Stanley (MS) tops the Q4 underwriter league table, making $1.1bn of green bond deals during the quarter, with JP Morgan following closely in second place with $887m of deals. Both were carried over the line by big municipal green bonds, which pushed them ahead of staunch rivals Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) and Citi, who come in third ($763m) and fourth ($756m) respectively.