• 101 Sustainable Finance Policies for 1.5°C

    This guide provides a toolkit of 101 policy levers available to government, regulator, and central bank policy makers to facilitate the transition to net zero.

    The climate transition challenge is encapsulated by 1.5°C. Behind the number is a wealth of clear scientific evidence that shows it is a goal we cannot miss.

  • Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: H2 2022

    The Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market H2 2022 report  is the 15th iteration of a leading series analysing the pricing dynamics of green bonds, examining how these instruments offer pricing advantages for issuers and investors. 

  • Scaling Credible Transition Finance - ASEAN Edition

    To reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, entities operating in most sectors must undergo a major transformation. The key tool that will enable this transformation is the development of a transition plan that is science based, coherent, comprehensive, transparent and covers all material scopes of emissions and business activities.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Brief

    Agriculture is a dynamic and complex system, composed of countless particular characteristics that defy standardization and common definitions. Hundreds of cultivated crops and a wide array of systems and practices are employed in different geographical locations with diverse social, environmental and economic landscapes.