• Financing Low Carbon Buildings with Green Bonds

    This report explores how the green bond market can be accessed to finance low-carbon buildings and energy efficiency upgrades. It reviews a range of issuer types, including property companies, financial intisutions and local governments. Additionally, it highlights the use of securitisation across the world. 

  • ASEAN Green Finance State of the Market 2018

    Since the first green bond deals in 2016 in the Philippines and Vietnam, ASEAN green bond market players have laid out solid foundations, which have culminated in the total issuance of USD5bn as of the end of November 2018.

  • ASEAN Green Financial Instruments Guide

    Climate Bonds Initiative has released its first guide highlighting financial instruments and mechanisms available from and for public and private entities in the ASEAN region looking to fund green assets. Funding deals for such assets can entail a combination of different sources of financing, depending on the company, asset characteristics and macroeconomic factors.

  • Bonos y Cambio Climático - Estado del Mercado 2018

    En el reporte de 2018, el cual compila y analiza las emisiones de bonos alineados a

  • 2018 Green Bond Market Highlights

    Key figures:

    • USD167.3bn total green bond issuance*

    • 1,543 green bond issues from 320 issuers*

    • 204 new issuers, bringing the total to 625*