Endorse Climate Bonds

Investor appetite for fixed income product relating to climate change is growing. To date, evidence for this has been largely anecdotal – e.g. pension funds who have said that given two investments with the same risk/reward profile, one green and one brown, they will pick the green one.

At the end of 2011, however, a more concrete statement of intent was made in Durban when insurers and re-insurers representing over US$3 trillion collaborated to state that they are actively seeking opportunities to invest in bond of investment-grade standard whose proceeds are specifically linked to climate change solutions. This as a signal of a much wider for a much broader interest in climate investment as we move towards a low carbon economy.

We are calling upon all institutional investors to strengthen this demand signal by publicly stating their interest in purchasing fixed income products relating to climate change. Stating this intention does not commit an organisation to buying every or any climate bond that is issued but rather that they are committed to exploring investment opportunities as they arise.

You can state your intention by:

  • Notifying the Climate Bonds Initiative. We will publish it on the blog, news updates and website.
  • Issuing a press release
  • Stating it on your website
  • Getting together with other organisations to issue a joint statement