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Support the Growing Green and Climate Bonds Market

Introducing the Climate Bonds Partner Programme

Through the Climate Bonds Partner Programme, we provide Partners with the opportunity to both support and take part in our work to grow a robust green and climate bonds market, we also provide Partners with our market database.

Climate Bonds Partners gain access to our detailed database on bond issuance, market insights and opportunities to collaborate on events, public policy as well as on advocacy to governments and regulators. Our green bonds database is accessible through the Partner Portal on the website.


Partners support investor and stakeholder outreach and education projects centred on growing robust and sustainable green bond markets that contribute to climate action and low-carbon investment. Partners assist in designing initiatives to grow investment in climate finance solutions, participate in market development committees & help define policy agendas for sector, country & sub-national green bond programs.


Banks, institutional investors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) other stakeholders and government bodies are eligible to join as Climate Bonds Partners to help grow the markets of green and climate bonds. Current Partners include banks, bond issuers, developers, and insitutional investors.


The Climate Bonds Initiative is a registered charity, and donations are tax deductable in the UK.

In becoming a Climate Bonds Partner you join a movement to use bond markets to deliver a rapid transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy.

Become a Climate Bonds Partner now @ USD 7,500 / EUR 6,500 / GBP 5,500 / CNY 50,000 / INR 500,000 p.a. or call Climate Bonds Initiative CEO Sean Kidney direct +44-75-2506-8331




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Climate Bonds Partner Benefits

  • Access to bond market data, including the latest green and climate bonds, underwriter details and new investment areas. 
  • Market insights, tailored corporate briefings and advice making the most of opportunities in the market.

  • Opportunities to connect with issuers, banks, investors, and other Partners.

  • Organizational visibility: ability to use the Climate Bonds logo on organizational material and website.

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