Online & In-person Events

Online & In-person Events

In the wake of COVID-19 we have taken all our upcoming events onto online platforms of Webinars and Podcasts. Details are under Climate Bonds Connected and also below in our Events schedule.

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Sep 8, 2020 to Sep 10, 2020 » Green Transition: Opportunity of the Decade
Aug 27, 2020 »

Sean Kidney interviews our Research Analyst, Lea Muething

Only 15 minutes long, perfect for a coffee break - get the news and the gossip, even ask a question!


Lea Muething, Research Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

Aug 19, 2020 »

Covid 19 has brought into sharp focus the urgent need to make economies more resilient. In the case of India, which was already reeling under economic slowdown, the pandemic has further exacerbated the structural fault lines of our growth pathway and patterns of production and consumption. The loss in aggregate demand and investment, depletion of jobs; increase in environmental degradation and climate hazards, pollution and widening inequalities were proving to be a challenge even before the Covid hit. India lockdown, largest in the world, put brakes nearly on all economic activity, except in agriculture.

Nearly 120 million people have lost their jobs. Phasing out of the lockdown, the trajectory of covid cases remains uncertain making economic revival slower than expected. Many governments across the world have proposed green stimulus and recovery plans to stay the course on climate change. Green New Deal is perhaps a good phraseology to underscore the need to re-order economies where sustainable economic activities create jobs, drive spending, restore demand, and make way out of the recession to a more habitable and equitable world. Can India craft a recovery strategy with sustainable development at its heart? 


- Rathin Roy, Director, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy

- Naina Lal Kidwai, Chairman Advent India Advisory Board, Fr Chairperson HSBC India, Past President FICCI 

- Samir Saran, President, Observer Research Foundation

Jul 28, 2020 »
este webinar faz parte da série "Destravando o Potencial de Investimento Verde do Brasil para Agricultura", que explorará os diferentes setores mapeados no Plano de Investimento. Este evento se concentrará nas oportunidades mapeadas para agricultura e pecuária e será dividido em duas partes. A primeira abordará o Pl e as principais conclusões encontradas acerca dos dois setores. A segunda será uma discussão aprofundada com atores setoriais sobre como essas oportunidades podem ser alavancadas por meio de emissões de títulos verdes. 
Moderadora//Moderator: Leisa Souza, Coordenadora do Programa de Agricultura/Agriculture Programme Coordinator, Climate Bonds Initiative.
- José Angelo, Secretário Adjunto de Política Agrícola/Deputy Secretary for Agriculture Policy, Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil Government
- André Gustavo Salcedo Teixeira Mendes, Iniciativa Brasileira de Finanças Verdes/Brazil Green Finance Initiative 
- Bruno Lucchi, Superintendente/Superintendent, CNA
- Milton Menten, CEO, Ecoagro Securitizadora
- Ivo Brum, CFO, SLC Agrícola  
- Pelerson Penido Dalla Vecchia, Diretor Presidente, Grupo Roncador
Jul 23, 2020 »

Moderator: Sean Kidney, CEO Climate Bonds Initiative


Sarah Breeden, Executive Director, UK Deposit Takers Supervision
Jessica Chew, Deputy Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia
Prashant Vaze, Head of Policy & Government, Climate Bonds Initiative


Jul 23, 2020 »

- Green finance opportunities and challenge in Vietnam
- What is green and where to invest?
- Green bond issuance as a tool to finance green investment in Vietnam

Nguyet Phi - GIIO Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative

Dan Svensson, Director, VDEF Portfolio Manager, Dragon Capital
Pushkala Lakshmi Ratan, Asia Climate Finance Lead/Senior Industry, IFC
Hai Nguyen, Senior economic expert, GIZ Vietnam


Jul 15, 2020 »

Can transition finance become the key driver of the global decarbonization efforts? What are the main market movements and challenges surrounding this concept? Will we see growth in transition bonds issuance? Tune into our interview with Sean Kidney, Co-founder and CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative, and Leon Saunders, Refinitiv's Head of Sustainable Finance, to learn more.

Jul 14, 2020 »

Lea Muething, Markets Analyst alongside Climate Bonds CEO, Sean Kidney, bring you our regular Monthly Market Update Broadcast.


Sit back with your cup of joe & learn of all the latest developments & deals that have come to play for the month of June.
Analysis of the various green debt instruments, trends emerging in the market & are we seeing signs of recovery from COVID-19.


Join the specialists.

Jul 14, 2020 »
Green Bond Clinic - Episode 02
Tuesday, 14 July, 15:00 Paris / 14:00 London
A series of Q&A webinars bringing Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds & pioneers of green finance.
This time around we have Jean-Marc Mercier, Vice-Chairman, Capital Markets at HSBC Global Banking & Markets.
Jul 14, 2020 »

Green Bond Clinic - Episode 02
Sean Kidney & Jean-Marc Mercier

Tuesday, 14 July,
A series of Q&A webinars bringing Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds & pioneers of green finance.

This time around we have Jean-Marc Mercier, Vice-Chairman, Capital Markets at HSBC Global Banking & Markets. HSBC was the biggest underwriter for green bonds in 2019

We will be talking about the latest and upcoming trends in the market.