Day 2: Financial aggregation for small-scale low carbon assets in developing countries: Finding Solutions: Case studies from around the world

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Event date: 
Nov 27, 2020
Event time: 
11:00 São Paulo / 14:00 London / 19:30 Delhi / 22:00 Singapore

Moderator: Namita Vikas, Founder & Managing Partner, auctusESG LLP


Justine Leigh-Bell, Deputy CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
Tinashe Makoni, Chief Legal Officer, Sunfunder
Paulo Todaro, Founding Partner & CEO, Albion Capital, Green FIDC 
Sonnie Ayere, CEO, DLM 
Caroline Eboumbou, Director of Power & Climate, Rockefeller Foundation
Teresa Le, UNDP Regional Technical Specialist on Climate Change Mitigation and Energy


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The Gef
Event speakers: 
Justine Leigh-Bell
Namita Vikas