Report Launch: Sovereign Green Bond Issuers' Survey

Event type: 
Event date: 
Jan 28, 2021
Event time: 
11:00 London / 12:00 Paris / 13:00 Cairo

Following the release of the Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability (GSS) Bond Report, this webinar invites guest speakers to talk about the benefits of issuing these instruments. This discussion will offer a real insight into the processes and advantages of Sovereign GSS issuance, with the first-hand experience from state finance officials. The Climate Bonds Report found the benefits to Include: Catalysing or enhancing local markets, amplifying transparency, increased investor participation, pricing benefits, and collaboration.

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Event sponsors: 
Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
Event speakers: 
Alexandre Vincent
Caroline Harrison
Elvira Eurlings
Jonathan Drew
Manuel Adamini
Zoltan Kurali