Labelled Green Bonds Data: Latest 3 Months

Labelled green bonds are bonds that earmark proceeds for climate or environmental projects and have been labelled as ‘green’ by the issuer. The Climate Bonds Initiative has been tracking the green labelled market since 2009. Information on the growth of the market is provided in our regular Market blogs and various country, regional and thematic reports, including our annual State of the Market report.

Please note the following points about the data:

  • The purpose of this database is to track all self-labelled green bonds, subject to screening criteria explained in CBI Green Bond Database Methodology. All data is collected by the Climate Bonds Initiative and is filtered to include only:

1. bonds with at least 95% use of proceeds financing or refinancing green/environmental projects - social bonds are not included

2. bonds which are broadly aligned with the Climate Bonds Taxonomy. This means that, for example, bonds financing so-called "clean coal" are excluded.

  • External review documents (such as second party opinions) are listed when publicly available, on a best efforts basis.
  • More analysis on new issuers is available in our Market blog and our online bond library.
  • Data is updated periodically and is therefore not live data.

Additional data points including identifiers are available through to Climate Bonds Partners through the Partner Zone of the website. Learn more about becoming a Climate Bonds Partner.

For any other queries on the data provided, please visit the Data Requests page and complete the relevant form.

CBID Name CBI Certified Amount Issued Currency Issue Date Maturity External Review Blog
8262 Ascott Residence Trust 50,000,000 SGD Jan-21 Jan-26
8261 Point Aquarius Municipal Utility District 9,120,000 USD Jan-21 Mar-39 BAM GreenStar
8265 WB (IBRD) N 150,000,000 BRL Jan-21 Jan-28 CICERO
8358 Vasakronan N 600,000,000 NOK Jan-21 Jan-31 CICERO
8359 Vasakronan N 250,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Apr-27 CICERO
8263 Kungsleden AB N 300,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-27 CICERO
8264 EIB N 1,250,000,000 AUD Jan-21 Jul-27
8291 LBBW N 24,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-30 ISS-ESG
8292 BP-Dojo 130,000,000 SGD Jan-21
8289 Japan Housing Finance Agency N 10,000,000,000 JPY Jan-21 Jan-41
8288 Swedish Export Credit N 500,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Sep-25 CICERO
8293 Intesa Sanpaolo 1,300,000,000 EUR Jan-21 0
8290 Japan Housing Finance Agency N 10,000,000,000 JPY Jan-21 Jan-31
8287 Swedish Export Credit N 1,500,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-28 CICERO
8297 Rikshem AB N 300,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8295 KfW N 300,000,000 ZAR Jan-21 Jan-28 CICERO
8294 Korea Development Bank N 700,000,000 USD Jan-21 Jun-24 Sustainalytics
8296 Banco Santander N 500,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-26 Vigeo EIRIS
8298 LBBW N 24,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-31 ISS-ESG
8302 Volkswagen N 650,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-25 CICERO
8387 Covivio N 100,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-33 Vigeo EIRIS
8300 LBBW N 24,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-27 ISS-ESG
8299 LBBW N 24,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-29 ISS-ESG
8303 Volkswagen N 600,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-25 CICERO
8388 ADB N 1,000,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Feb-28 CICERO
8307 DNB ASA Y 1,500,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-31
8301 Electric Power Development Co Y 20,000,000,000 JPY Jan-21 Jan-31
8304 Duke Realty N 450,000,000 USD Jan-21 Feb-31
8308 Deutsche Hypo N 20,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jul-28 ISS-ESG
8306 Orebro Kommun N 500,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8305 K2A Knaust & Andersson 450,000,000 SEK Jan-21 CICERO
8309 WB (IBRD) N 3,500,000,000 MXN Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8315 LBBW N 24,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-31 ISS-ESG
8310 WB (IBRD) N 750,000,000 BRL Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8314 EBRD N 740,000,000 INR Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8313 WB (IBRD) N 250,000,000 ZAR Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8312 WB (IBRD) N 350,000,000 TRY Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8311 WB (IBRD) N 7,500,000,000 RUB Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8420 Guizhou Water Investment Group Co., Ltd. N 2,000,000,000 CNY Jan-21 Jan-26 ChinaBond
8360 KfW N 1,000,000,000 MXN Jan-21 Jul-25 CICERO
8429 Great Wall Guoxing Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd N 1,000,000,000 CNY Jan-21 Jan-24 CCX
8423 SK Innovation N 300,000,000 USD Jan-21 Jan-26 CICERO
8424 Lamprell Energy 48,000,000 USD Jan-21
8386 KfW N 150,000,000 CNY Jan-21 Jan-24 CICERO
8361 KfW N 150,000,000 CNY Jan-21 Jan-24 CICERO
8362 California Statewide Communities Development Authority N 9,050,000 USD Jan-21 Feb-39
8365 CBRE Global Investors N 500,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-28 Sustainalytics
8427 Jiaxing Binhai Holding Group N 700,000,000 CNY Jan-21 Jan-26 Lianhe EQ
8428 Luneng New Energy (Group) N 1,000,000,000 CNY Jan-21 Jan-26 Lianhe EQ
8363 City of Leroy N 35,000 USD Jan-21 Dec-39 BAM GreenStar
8364 Fallbrook Public Utility District N 1,110,000 USD Jan-21 Sep-35 BAM GreenStar
8366 Deutsche Hypo N 10,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Jan-26 ISS-ESG
8369 Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County N 99,250,000 USD Jan-21 Jul-52
8368 Harris County Municipal Utility N 80,000 USD Jan-21 Apr-37 BAM GreenStar
8367 EIB N 1,000,000,000 CAD Jan-21 Jan-28
8370 Acciona N 12,000,000 EUR Jan-21 Oct-35 Sustainalytics
8371 WB (IBRD) N 2,000,000,000 SEK Jan-21 Jan-29 CICERO
8397 ADB N 300,000,000 UAH Feb-21 Feb-22 CICERO
8398 Province of Ontario N 1,250,000,000 CAD Feb-21 Feb-27 CICERO
8396 Acciona N 17,500,000 EUR Feb-21 Nov-31 Sustainalytics
8399 ADB N 35,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-51 CICERO
8400 Fabege AB N 350,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Feb-27 CICERO
8402 HKSAR N 1,000,000,000 USD Feb-21 Feb-51 Vigeo Eiris
8403 EDP N 750,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Aug-81 Sustainalytics
8404 Calera Waterworks Board N 740,000 USD Feb-21 Feb-36 BAM GreenStar
8401 Fabege AB N 350,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8408 NRW.BANK N 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-31 ISS-ESG
8405 Stonewall Ranch Municipal Utility District 2,500,000 USD Feb-21 Sep-45 BAM GreenStar
8406 San Diego County Water Authority 117,690,000 USD Feb-21 May-31
8407 Vasakronan N 150,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Jun-24 CICERO
8416 Shenhua New Energy N 1,000,000,000 CNY Feb-21 Apr-21
8409 Acciona N 14,700,000 EUR Feb-21 Aug-26 Sustainalytics
8411 S IMMO N 150,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-28 Sustainalytics
8410 Acciona N 50,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Dec-30 Sustainalytics
8414 WB (IBRD) N 380,000,000 ZAR Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8413 Humlegarden Fastigheter N 200,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Mar-27 CICERO
8412 ADB N 400,000,000 BRL Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8458 Republic of France 1,499,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Jun-39 Vigeo Eiris
8635 Huaneng Tiancheng Financial Leasing 1,000,000,000 CNY Feb-21 Feb-23 CCX
8430 EDEN Renewables India N 1,499,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Jun-28
8436 City of Northglenn 21,955,000 USD Feb-21 Dec-45 BAM GreenStar
8437 CaixaBank SA 1,000,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-29 Sustainalytics
8435 MunchenerHyp 55,000,000 CHF Feb-21 Sep-28 ISS-ESG
8438 Iberdrola 1,000,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Vigeo Eiris
8637 Yalong River Hydropower Development Company, Ltd. 300,000,000 CNY Feb-21 Feb-24 Lianhe Equator
8636 China Three Gorges Corp 2,000,000,000 CNY Feb-21 Feb-24 CCX
8639 Sichuan Province Airport Group 500,000,000 CNY Feb-21 Feb-24 Lianhe Equator
8638 Huaneng Power International 1,000,000,000 CNY Feb-21 Feb-24 Lianhe Equator
8440 Morgan Stanley 561,000,000 USD Feb-21 Feb-27 CICERO
8439 Iberdrola 1,000,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Vigeo Eiris
8441 WB (IBRD) 100,000,000 TRY Feb-21 Aug-26 CICERO
8442 Klovern 2,500,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Feb-25 CICERO
8443 ADB 1,250,000,000 CAD Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8444 BayernLB 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-28 ISS-ESG
8489 WB (IBRD) 50,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-51 CICERO
8449 Seattle Children's Hospital 402,075,000 USD Feb-21 Oct-50
8448 Vasakronan 1,000,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8447 Vasakronan 300,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Dec-25 CICERO
8446 Swiss Prime Site AG 300,000,000 CHF Feb-21 Feb-28 ISS ESG
8445 Acciona 35,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Oct-35 Sustainalytics
8470 Renewable Japan 9,200,000,000 JPY Feb-21 Aug-40 R&I (Japan)
8453 LBBW 24,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-31 ISS-ESG
8471 Renewable Japan 3,500,000,000 JPY Feb-21 Aug-40 R&I (Japan)
8454 LBBW 24,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-27 ISS-ESG
8455 WB (IBRD) 3,000,000,000 INR Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8456 Vattenfall 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-29 CICERO
8452 LBBW 24,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-29 ISS-ESG
8451 LBBW 24,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-31 ISS-ESG
8457 New York MTA Sustainalytics 495,000,000 USD Feb-21 Nov-50
8450 LBBW 24,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-31 ISS-ESG
8474 Acciona 19,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-28 Sustainalytics
8473 WB (IBRD) 550,000,000,000 IDR Feb-21 Apr-26 CICERO
8472 Japan Housing Finance Agency 10,000,000,000 JPY Feb-21 Feb-36
8640 Nykredit 5,483,301,210 SEK Feb-21 Oct-24 Sustainalytics
8467 Alisal Union School District 8,775,000 USD Feb-21 May-38 BAM GreenStar
8475 EIB 3,000,000,000 RUB Feb-21 Feb-26
8468 University Area Joint Authority 8,850,000 USD Feb-21 Nov-35 BAM GreenStar
8479 First Abu Dhabi Bank (National Bank of Abu Dhabi) 260,000,000 CHF Feb-21 Mar-27 Vigeo EIRIS
8476 Vasakronan 50,000,000 USD Feb-21 Feb-28 CICERO
8477 Rikshem AB 400,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8478 KfW 1,000,000,000 CAD Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8482 Sparebank 1 SMN 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-28 Sustainalytics
8483 CTP Group 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-27 Sustainalytics
8484 Orsted 425,000,000 GBP Feb-21 Feb-21 CICERO
8481 Volvofinans 600,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Mar-24 CICERO
8485 Orsted 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-21 CICERO
8486 Bane Nor 600,000,000 NOK Feb-21 Feb-28
8487 Bane Nor 600,000,000 NOK Feb-21 Feb-26
8480 WB (IBRD) 200,000,000 CNY Feb-21 Feb-26 CICERO
8469 Westminster School District 17,710,000 USD Feb-21 May-35 BAM GreenStar
8641 EIB 200,000,000 AUD Feb-21 Feb-36
8642 ADB 40,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-51 CICERO
8643 WB (IBRD) 30,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-51 CICERO
8644 Deutsche Kreditbank 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-26
8645 Leaseplan 1,000,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-26 Sustainalytics
8490 City of Cashmere WA 8,885,000 USD Feb-21 Dec-53 BAM GreenStar
8491 City of Vallejo CA Water Revenue 42,600,000 USD Feb-21 May-51 BAM GreenStar
8650 Hamburger Hochbahn 500,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-31 CICERO
8649 Rabobank 1,000,000,000 USD Feb-21 Feb-27 ISS-ESG
8646 Glitre Energi AS 300,000,000 NOK Feb-21 Apr-24 Glitre Energi
8648 ING 800,000,000 GBP Feb-21 Dec-28 ISS-ESG
8647 ADB 50,000,000 EUR Feb-21 Feb-61 CICERO
8652 Wallenstam AB 250,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Aug-23 CICERO
8651 Vasakronan 500,000,000 NOK Feb-21 Feb-33 CICERO
8653 Svenska Handelsfastigheter AB 620,000,000 SEK Feb-21 Feb-24 CICERO
Source: Climate Bonds, Bloomberg, Refinitiv EIKON, WIND, corporate websites and other information sources.

Climate Bonds Initiative gathers more data than listed here. The wider data set is only available to Climate Bonds Partners. This additional data includes issuer type (sovereign, local government, financial corporate, etc) and summary use of proceeds. For more details check out the partner section of the website.