Labelled Green Bonds Data: Latest 3 Months

Labelled green bonds are bonds that earmark proceeds for climate or environmental projects and have been labelled as ‘green’ by the issuer. The Climate Bonds Initiative has been tracking the green labelled market since 2009. Information on the growth of the market is provided in our regular Market blogs and various country, regional and thematic reports, including our annual State of the Market report.

Please note the following points about the data:

  • The purpose of this database is to track all self-labelled green bonds, subject to screening criteria explained in CBI Green Bond Database Methodology. All data is collected by the Climate Bonds Initiative and is filtered to include only:

1. bonds with 100% use of net proceeds financing or refinancing green/environmental projects - social bonds are not included.

2. bonds which are broadly aligned with the Climate Bonds Taxonomy. This means that, for example, bonds financing so-called "clean coal" are excluded.

  • External review documents (such as second party opinions) are listed when publicly available, on a best efforts basis.
  • More analysis on new issuers is available in our Market blog and our online bond library.
  • Data is updated periodically and is therefore not live data.

Additional data points including identifiers are available through to Climate Bonds Partners through the Partner Zone of the website. Learn more about becoming a Climate Bonds Partner.

For any other queries on the data provided, please visit the Data Requests page and complete the relevant form.

BondID Entity Amount Issued Currency Issue Date Maturity Date CBI Certified SPO Provider
1043200009017 Republic of Indonesia 2,200,000,000,000 IDR Jan-24 Sep-29 CICERO
1148700007001 Bank Rakyat Indonesia 1,237,660,000,000 IDR Mar-24 Mar-25 Sustainalytics
1043200009019 Republic of Indonesia 1,000,000,000,000 IDR Mar-24 Sep-29 CICERO
1148700006001 Bank Rakyat Indonesia 879,430,000,000 IDR Mar-24 Mar-26 Sustainalytics
1491300002001 Government of Japan 799,800,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Dec-28 JCR
1491300001001 Government of Japan 799,500,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Dec-33 JCR
1043200009018 Republic of Indonesia 750,000,000,000 IDR Feb-24 Sep-29 CICERO
1436800007001 LG Energy Solution Ltd 660,000,000,000 KRW Feb-24 Feb-27 Korea Investors Service
1436800008001 LG Energy Solution Ltd 570,000,000,000 KRW Feb-24 Feb-29 Korea Investors Service
1148700005001 Bank Rakyat Indonesia 382,905,000,000 IDR Mar-24 Mar-27 Sustainalytics
1486800005001 JP Morgan Chase Bank NA 231,000,000,000 VND Feb-24 Feb-29
1368600023001 Hyundai Card Co Ltd 210,000,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-29 Korea Ratings
1436800009001 LG Energy Solution Ltd 190,000,000,000 KRW Feb-24 Feb-31 Korea Investors Service
1436800006001 LG Energy Solution Ltd 180,000,000,000 KRW Feb-24 Feb-26 Korea Investors Service
1422700005001 SK On Co Ltd 160,000,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-27 Korea Ratings
1219600005001 Korea Water Resources Corp 150,000,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-27 Korea Ratings
1422700004001 SK On Co Ltd 140,000,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-26 Korea Ratings
1017400037001 Hyundai Capital Services Inc 110,000,000,000 KRW Apr-24 Apr-26 NICE Investors Service
1130800040001 Korea Western Power 100,000,000,000 KRW Jan-24 Jan-44 Korea Investors Service
1017400038001 Hyundai Capital Services Inc 90,000,000,000 KRW Apr-24 Apr-27 NICE Investors Service
1017400040001 Hyundai Capital Services Inc 90,000,000,000 KRW Apr-24 Apr-29 NICE Investors Service
1504100001001 Sinbo Securitization Specialty Co Ltd 2024-4 77,069,600,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-27 NICE Investors Service
1368600021001 Hyundai Card Co Ltd 70,000,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-27 Korea Ratings
1171500004001 JP Morgan Chase Bank NA 62,000,000,000 UZS Jan-24 Jan-29
1341000002001 Infroneer Holdings Inc 60,000,000,000 JPY Apr-24 Mar-29 JCR
1473900002001 Joint Local Government Bond of Japan 56,400,000,000 JPY Mar-24 Mar-34 JCR
1493700001001 Tanga Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (Tanga UWASA) 53,120,000,000 TZS Apr-24 Apr-34 ISS ESG
1017400036001 Hyundai Capital Services Inc 50,000,000,000 KRW Apr-24 Apr-29 NICE Investors Service
1398200005001 Republic of India 50,000,000,000 INR Jan-24 Jan-54 CICERO
1398200005002 Republic of India 50,000,000,000 INR Feb-24 Jan-54 CICERO
1368600022001 Hyundai Card Co Ltd 50,000,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Sep-26 Korea Ratings
1462500005001 Oki Pulp & Paper Mills PT 48,875,000,000 IDR Mar-24 Apr-25
1023800035001 Acciona 45,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24
1032200012001 Intesa Sanpaolo SpA 35,000,000,000 JPY Mar-24 Mar-26 ISS ESG
1462500006001 Oki Pulp & Paper Mills PT 33,730,000,000 IDR Mar-24 Mar-27
1017400039001 Hyundai Capital Services Inc 30,000,000,000 KRW Apr-24 Apr-29 NICE Investors Service
1504000001001 Sinbo Securitization Specialty Co Ltd 2024-3 29,595,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-27 NICE Investors Service
1108100006021 Hungary 22,710,250,000 HUF Mar-24 May-32 CICERO
1053400003001 Mitsui O.S.K. Lines 20,000,000,000 JPY Jan-24 Jan-29 JCR
1064600052001 Japan Housing Finance Agency 20,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-36 R&I Japan
1476600003001 Subaru Corp 20,000,000,000 JPY Jan-24 R&I Japan
1368600020001 Hyundai Card Co Ltd 20,000,000,000 KRW Mar-24 Mar-29 Korea Ratings
1253300005001 TEPCO Renewable Power Inc (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc) 20,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-34 DNV
1189100004001 J-POWER (Electric Power Development) 20,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-34 DNV
1177900004001 Hankyu Hanshin 15,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-29 JCR
1495300001001 Mazda Motor Corp 15,000,000,000 JPY Mar-24 Mar-29 JCR
1475600003001 Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co Ltd 15,000,000,000 JPY Apr-24 Apr-34 R&I Japan
1475600002001 Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co Ltd 15,000,000,000 JPY Apr-24 Apr-29 R&I Japan
1483200002001 BluPine Energy 12,600,000,000 INR Feb-24
1000500076001 Asian Development Bank (ADB) 12,500,000,000 INR Feb-24 Feb-28 CICERO
1488800001001 Dongyang State-owned Asset Investment Co Ltd 12,000,000,000 JPY Jan-24 Jan-27 Lianhe Green Development
1183900020001 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd 12,000,000,000 TWD Mar-24 Mar-29 DNV
1183900021001 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd 10,800,000,000 TWD Mar-24 Mar-34 DNV
1494600001001 Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd 10,000,000,000 JPY Mar-24 Mar-29 R&I Japan
1494400001001 Tokyo Metro Co Ltd 10,000,000,000 JPY Mar-24 Mar-44 R&I Japan
1064600053001 Japan Housing Finance Agency 10,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-44 R&I Japan
1494500001001 Nissan Financial Services Co Ltd 10,000,000,000 JPY Mar-24 Mar-29 Sustainalytics
1292200004001 Chuo-Nittochi Group Co., Ltd. 10,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-29 JCR
1469500005001 Nippon Yusen KK 10,000,000,000 JPY Apr-24 Apr-34 DNV
1061000003001 Daiwa Securities Group Inc 10,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-27 JCR
1317200002001 Kawasaki Heavy Industries 10,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-29 JCR
1189100005001 J-POWER (Electric Power Development) 10,000,000,000 JPY Apr-24 Apr-34 DNV
1487300001001 China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited 10,000,000,000 CNY Jan-24 Jan-27
1408600006001 Sumitomo Realty & Development Co Ltd 10,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-34 JCR
1071500003001 Bank of Jiangsu 10,000,000,000 CNY Mar-24 Mar-27 Lianhe Equator
1071500002001 Bank of Jiangsu 10,000,000,000 CNY Mar-24 Mar-27 Lianhe Equator
1000100098001 EIB (European Investment Bank) 9,000,000,000 INR Mar-24 Mar-29
1000100097001 EIB (European Investment Bank) 9,000,000,000 INR Mar-24 Mar-29
1497300001001 Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation 8,890,000,000 AED Mar-24
1406500004001 NTT TC Lease KK 8,100,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-29 Sustainalytics
1026600004001 Republic of France 8,000,000,000 EUR Jan-24 Jun-49 Vigeo Eiris
1302100004001 City of Fukuoka 8,000,000,000 JPY Jan-24 Jan-34 R&I Japan
1486900001001 Zhenjiang Culture & Broadcasting Industry Group Co Ltd 7,200,000,000 JPY Jan-24 Jan-27 CCX
1385700002001 City of Kyoto 7,000,000,000 JPY Jan-24 Jan-29 JCR
1262100005001 European Union 7,000,000,000 EUR Mar-24 Feb-50 Vigeo Eiris
1489400001001 Cleantech Solar 6,250,000,000 INR Jan-24
1462500007001 Oki Pulp & Paper Mills PT 6,105,000,000 IDR Mar-24 Mar-29
1059800029001 State Power Investment Corporation Limited 5,857,000,000 CNY Feb-24 Apr-24
1456900005001 BYD Auto Finance Co., Ltd. 5,400,000,000 CNY Mar-24 Dec-25 Lianhe Equator
1376100004001 Osaka Prefecture 5,000,000,000 JPY Jan-24 Jan-29 R&I Japan
1494700001001 Ishikawa Prefecture 5,000,000,000 JPY Feb-24 Feb-29 JCR
1270800003001 Hokkaido Electric Power Company (HEPCO) 5,000,000,000 JPY Apr-24 Apr-34 DNV
1506000001001 Nanya Technology Corporation 4,000,000,000 TWD Apr-24 Apr-29
1292000002001 Government of Canada 4,000,000,000 CAD Mar-24 Mar-34 Sustainalytics
1169500005001 CRE Logistics REIT 3,680,000,000 JPY Jan-24 JCR
1394900002001 China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd 3,000,000,000 CNY Mar-24 Mar-26 Sustainalytics
1158300002001 SSB Boligkreditt 3,000,000,000 NOK Jan-24 Mar-29 Sustainalytics
1400600002001 Bank of Guiyang Co.,Ltd. 3,000,000,000 CNY Mar-24 Mar-27 Lianhe Equator
1457000002001 Tianjin Great Wall Binyin Automotive Finance Co.,Ltd. 2,916,000,000 CNY Jan-24 Jun-27 CCX
1027900006001 Queensland Treasury Corporation 2,750,000,000 AUD Feb-24 Feb-34 DNV
1279100002003 Kingdom of Denmark 2,605,000,000 DKK Mar-24 Nov-33 CICERO
1200200005001 Huaneng Power International,Inc. 2,500,000,000 CNY Apr-24 Apr-27 Lianhe Equator
1257200002009 United Kingdom 2,500,000,000 GBP Feb-24 Jul-53 Vigeo Eiris
1004300025001 Engie Africa 2,500,000,000 ZAR Feb-24
1005100090001 KfW 2,000,000,000 CNY Apr-24 Apr-27 Sustainalytics
1005100088001 KfW 2,000,000,000 NOK Feb-24 Feb-29 Sustainalytics
1073500002002 Dutch State Treasury Agency 2,000,000,000 EUR Feb-24 Jan-44 Moody's
1031700063001 China Three Gorges Group Co., Ltd 2,000,000,000 CNY Apr-24 Apr-54 CCX
1000100096001 EIB (European Investment Bank) 2,000,000,000 NOK Jan-24 Jul-29
1336100050001 China Three Gorges Renewables (Group) Co.,Ltd. 2,000,000,000 CNY Feb-24 Feb-27 Lianhe Equator
Source: Climate Bonds, Bloomberg, Refinitiv EIKON, WIND, corporate websites and other information sources.

Climate Bonds Initiative gathers more data than listed here. The wider data set is only available to Climate Bonds Partners. This additional data includes issuer type (sovereign, local government, financial corporate, etc) and summary use of proceeds. For more details check out the partner section of the website.