Norwegian utility NTE issues NOK750m ($110m) of green bonds in 3 tranches to refinance hydro: 3, 5 & 7 yrs. Green bonds for refinancing key to grow the market. Oversubscribed in 2 hrs!

By Beate Sonerud, Climate Bonds Policy Analyst

Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk (NTE), a Norwegian utility, has issued NOK750m (US$110.2m) of corporate green bonds in 3 tranches with varying maturity and floating coupons:

BKK utsteder de første grønne obligasjonene fra en norsk bedrift - NOK 1.1mrd ($171.7mill.), løpetid 7 år og kjøpt opp I løpet av 3 timer! Sterk etterspørsel - forvent flere grønne obligasjoner i det norske markedet

(For you poor non-Norwegian readers, we publish in norsk to celebrate that this is the first corporate green bond as well as largest green bond in Norway, and the first hydro-only green bond in the world.)

Av Beate Sonerud, Climate Bonds Initiative policy analyst

Norway Fjordland's BKK dives in with a green hydro bond - NOK 1.1bn ($171.7m), 7yrs - closes bond within 3 hrs! Yes, strong demand. Expect more green hydro bonds!

BKK, a Norwegian power company based in Bergen, yesterday closed Norway’s first corporate green bond. It overtakes IBRD’s NOK 400m bond as the largest green issuance in Norwegian Krone.

Canada's Brookfield Renewable places 41yr (!) $176m Hydro bond / Another $146m WB Green Bonds into Uridashi market

> Canada's Brookfield Renewable issued a $176m bond to fund a new 45 MW hydroelectric project in British Columbia. Interest rate is 4.45%, fully amortizing over a term of, yes you read it right, 41 years. The bonds are rated A (low) with a stable trend by DBRS. Scotia Capital was the private placement agent.