Regional projects

  • Europe’s role in shifting private finance to climate investments

This project for the European Commission (link is external) is looking at what Europe’s role should be in shifting private finance towards climate-friendly Investments -both within the EU and internationally. That includes:

  • Regulatory measures that can create incentives for private sector involvement without burdening public resources
  • Financial instruments that can best leverage private resources
  • The optimum role of the public sector and public banks, in catalysing private sector investments in climate change
  • How best to use the EU Budget to mobilise low carbon investments

Project partners are: Triple E Consulting (link is external)Frankfurt School UNEP Collaboration Centre (link is external)CDC Climat (link is external)CDP (link is external)Climate Policy Initiative (link is external), Allianz Climate Solutions (link is external) and 2° Investing Initiative (link is external).

  • Developing a Climate Bonds private placement market in Europe

Private placement, the sale of a bond or other security directly to a limited number of investors, is an underdeveloped market in Europe. There is significant potential here for low-carbon investment, as a large number of small and mid-sized companies finding it hard to secure bank finance, and the alternative of public bond Issuance is closed to them as a result of their size, because they are simply not big enough to justify the expense of securing a formal credit rating. Private placements can therefore provide an attractive alternative. Improving the investment possibilities for low-carbon SMEs is important, as many of the companies with low-carbon and climate resilient offerings are part of this business segment.

  • Growing Green Bonds in China

The Chinese Government has indicated its commitment to developing a green bonds market in China as part of directing capital to urgent environmental projects under its Five Year Plan. With partner IISD (link is external), Climate Bonds Initiative is working with the State Council’s Development Research Council on proposals to implement the Government’s objectives.
Funding opportunity available (link sends e-mail).

  • Corporate Green Bonds in India

India’s low carbon economic transition requires a huge amount of investment. Developing bond markets, a policy goal of the Government, will be vital to tapping domestic savings. This project offers a path forward.
Funding opportunity available (link sends e-mail).

  • Mexico Climate Bonds Working Group

The working group will be launched soon.

  • Brazil Climate Bonds Working Group

The working group will be launched soon.

  • Forests bonds in tropical Brazil

Working with the Governments of Acre and Matto Grosso, the Global Canopy Project led collaboration is looking at financing green development that includes forest protection. Funded by the German Government.