Join us at World Water Week in Stockholm Monday 24 August at 4pm

World Water Week 2015 will take place 24-28 August in Stockholm and Climate Bonds Initiative is joining the discussion! Register here to participate.

The annual event hosted by SIWI is celebrating its 25th year. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations will gather to focus on the world’s water issues.

The Climate Bonds Initiative will be co-convening the session “Investment approaches to Mainstreaming Climate Adaptation.”

The current drought in Brazil illustrates why water projects will increasingly need climate adaptation components: The Climate Bonds Water Standard will provide definitions for such green water investments

Water scarcity represents the most significant risk imaginable — to businesses, whole economies, and the ecosystems that provide the natural capital for those economies.

Let’s take Brazil for example. Just last month, the country - with a population of 200 million people - experienced severe blackouts after a large hydroelectric power plant in the state of Rio de Janeiro switched off when water levels dropped below the operational limits – a worrying sign when 70% of the country’s power supply is produced by dams.