New report finds USD174bn of climate-themed bonds

The climate-themed bond market is broader and deeper than expected 

The Climate Bonds Initiative, in association with HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence, today launches a new report on the current size and future prospects for climate-themed bonds.

The Report gives a snapshot of the climate-themed bond markets’ size, the key investments themes and regional market, and finally identifies three key ways to accelerate market expansion.

Citi: "Climate Bonds market ready to explode" / New ADB clean energy bonds / Climate Bonds on Canadian BizTV / IEA-RETD features green bonds / + bits

> At NYC Environmental Conference this week Citibank director of structured finance Stuart Murray said: "The Climate Bonds market is ready to explode." He added: "The demand for climate bonds among investors we talk to is robust ... the issue is just that we’re not seeing that many bonds coming to market." Come on originators!

Quarterly Corporate Bond Market Update

By guest blogger “Corporate Bonder”

Market Overview

Data compiled by the Bank for International Settlements[1] indicate that the total size of the global debt securities market (domestic and international[2]) was $98.7 trillion as at September 2011, of which $89.9 trillion were notes and bonds. Governments accounted for $44.6 trillion of outstanding debt securities, financial organizations $41.9 trillion, corporations $11.2 trillion and international organizations $1.0 trillion.

IFC does $500m green bond / Pennsylvania setting up national EE loan warehouse / Korea SWF becomes climate bonds buyer / SA green bond is 14 yrs / Reuters on need for RE bonds in EU

> The IFC on Friday issued a $500m Green Bond in the US market. Rated AAA, the three-year bonds was underwritten by JP Morgan. This is the first IFC green bond targeting US investors. All proceeds go to climate change related investments. Investors include BlackRock, TIAA-CREF, Climate Bond Standards Board member CalSTRS and the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund. The coupon is 0.5!

New EIB $148m Climate Bond / Climate Bond talks galore: London LSE 19 Apr; Oslo 2 May; NYC Env Bonds Conf 23 May; Toronto 25 May

> The European Investment Bank issued a 7 year, 3%, SEK1 billion ($148m) Climate Awareness Bond last week. Underwriters were SEB (Christopher Flensborg is at it again) and Deutsche Bank. Looks like Swedish funds continue to have appetite for climate and green bonds.

> Climate Bond talks are everywhere this Spring:

  • Nick Silver is running a private climate finance session at an LSE Grantham Institute seminar in London this week (19 Apr).