Did you know?

> Pope Francis established 1st of September as a global prayer day for the environment, to boost its support in relation to climate change and the world climate summit in Paris 2015. The Vatican, August 2015

>"We're the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it," President Obama, August 2015

> “China launched its first green bond, marking big progress for the development of the universal green bond market.” Business Green, James Phillip, July 2015

> President Obama releases a Clean Power Plan, in efforts to combat climate change, The White House, August 2015

> “Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the world today. It is not just a threat to the environment, but also to our national and global security, to poverty eradication and economic prosperity,” David Cameron, UK, February 2015

> “We have to wake up to the fierce urgency of now” Jim Yong Kim, President, The World Bank, January 2015 

> "Most fossil fuel reserves can’t be burned” Mark Carney, Bank of England, October 2014

> China announced a plan to cap their CO2-emmisions from 2016! Reuters, Kathy Chen and Stian Reklev, June 2014

> The Presidents of China and the U.S met in Beijing to further strengthen their cooperation on combating climate change, to get a successful agreement after the UN Climate Conference in Paris in 2015. The White House, November 2014

> "Some risks of climate change are considerable at 1 or 2°C above preindustrial level. Global climate change risks are high to very high with global mean temperature increase of 4°C or more ... and include severe and widespread impacts on unique and threatened systems, substantial species extinction, large risks to global and regional food security" IPCC Working Group 2, April 2014

> The State of The Climate In 2012 Report revealed how 2012 was amongst the 10 warmest years yet, with the melting of the Arctic ice cap being a major concern.
 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, August 2013

> The Green Climate Fund (GCF) founded with the aim of helping developing countries cope with the effects of climate change. Green Climate Fund, 2010

> 61% of the total investment required in Low-Carbon Technologies in Europe up to 2020 will be in the form of debt. Barclays 'Carbon Capital' Report Feb 2010, p48

> An estimated €1.4 trillion of procurement capital could be securitised in "green bonds" (in the sense of asset-backed securities) across Europe between 2011 and 2020. Barclays 'Carbon Capital' Report Feb 2010, p58

>At the end of 2008, pension funds were estimated to hold $24 trillion of assets under management globally, with 24-40 % of portfolios dedicated to fixed-income, including asset-backed securities. EuroMoney Environmental Finance Handbook 2010, West LB, as quoted in Barclays 'Carbon Capital' Report Feb 2010, p59

> “If we are to fund green investment projects effectively, we … need to find a way of … scaling up loans … to make them attractive to the bond market."
Alain Dromer, CEO Aviva Investors