NEW: Waste Management Criteria Public Consultation Opens: Feedback welcome until August: next stage in 2019 sector criteria development program

No time to waste on waste get involved and send us your feedback!


Consultation Period Opens

The public consultation for the Waste Management Criteria starts today and will close on 2nd August 2019. We're looking forward to receiving your feedback.


A smart way to see and treat Waste


The waste sector has the potential to contribute a 10-15% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. Opportunities exist in prevention, reuse, recycling, and energy recovery. Significant mitigation can be achieved by reducing landfill emissions, lowering emissions linked to resource extraction and production using virgin materials, and providing an alternative energy substitute for fossil fuels.


Trends in governmental interventions and business activity indicate that globally, governments and businesses increasingly recognise the economic and environmental value of better waste management.


However, both public and private sector stakeholders require increased capital to invest in innovative, effective technologies and infrastructure that can transform the waste sector and turn waste into resources.


The Waste Management Criteria: how we ended up here


The Climate Bonds Initiative convened a Waste Management Technical Working Group (TWG) in early 2017 comprised   of experts across 16 organisations including universities, NGOs, consultancies, and industry associations.


The TWG has been considering the types of waste and relevant technologies in scope since then.


The TWG developed mitigation and adaptation requirements for waste management activities regarding municipal solid waste and associated infrastructure to facilitate ambitious emissions reduction and improvement in climate resilience.


These mitigation and adaptation requirements were then reviewed by the Industry Working Group (IWG) to make sure that the Criteria were applicable for the green bond market.


Let’s talk waste


We welcome reviewers from around the world to feed into our public consultation process for this Criteria.


Please download the Background Document and Feedback Form from our website and submit the Feedback Form with your comments to by Friday 2nd August 2019.


The last word


Developing the Waste Criteria is another stage in the expansion of the Climate Bonds Standard into new industry sectors.


Certification has branched out to cover green investments in Forestry and our freshly minted Protected Agriculture Criteria (developed with the IDB) has attracted its first Certification from FIRA.  


New emission baselines for major cities in Germany and across Europe are now in place providing additional opportunities for Low Carbon Buildings and in a world first Woolworths Group in Australia have issued a certified bond specific to low carbon supermarkets.


In Agriculture, Shipping, and Adaptation and Resilience, Technical Working Groups are now in place, working through a range of issues.


Like other Sector Criteria under the Climate Bonds Standard the goal in Waste Management is to have a science-based screening process for both issuers and investors to assess the climate and environmental benefits of investing in the waste sector.


Public feedback is integral to the development and review process that our TWG & IWG groups undertake. Don’t waste it.


Looking forward to receiving your ideas!


‘Til next time,

Climate Bonds