Reminder: Water Climate Bonds Standard is approaching the end of public consultation – have your say!

The draft Water Climate Bonds Standard was released for public consultation in late November 2015. At C.O.B on 12 February 2016 this period of public comment will close. This deadline is fast approaching so we wanted to remind all interested parties to get feedback to us as soon as possible!

Read the draft Water Climate Bonds Standard here.

Or listen to Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds Initiative, and John Matthews, Alliance for Global Water Adpatation (AGWA) discuss the Standard:


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“As a water scientist, I believe this Water Standard has the promise of capturing many recent, important insights from a wide variety of technical disciplines and applies them in a way that can be compared and scored into a meaningful definition of resilient, low carbon water management.”

Dr John Matthews, AGWA

Throughout 2015 the Water Climate Bonds Standard has been led by a consortium consisting of the Climate Bonds Initiative, AGWA, Ceres, CDP and the World Resources Institute (WRI) and developed by a Technical Working Group (TWG) and an Industry Working Group (IWG). The TWG comprise 16 internationally recognised academics and experts and the IWG has 11 representatives from investors, public utilities, water NGOs and international policy bodies (full list of members here).

The Water Climate Bonds Standard brings vulnerability assessment and climate mitigation and adaptation planning to the fixed income space. It will allow investors to easily prioritise projects that are seriously considering their climate impacts and climate resilience.

The proposed Standard will certify water investments that have:

  1. Carried out climate vulnerability assessments considering past, present and future climate risks and environmental losses
  2. Created climate adaptation and/or mitigation plans



The draft Water Climate Bonds Standard criteria can be downloaded here.

Comments can be submitted to Justine Leigh-Bell.

Read more about the Water Climate Bonds Standard opening for public consultation here