Greater Bay Area - Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities (GIIO)

This report highlights green infrastructure investment opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (the GBA) which consists of nine cities in the Guangdong Province, and two special administrative regions, i.e., Hong Kong and Macao, and is one of the economic growth engines and leading green finance regions in China.

China’s Green Bond Issuance and Investment Opportunity

Green infrastructure presents a huge investment opportunity globally. However, there remains a lack of identifiable, investment-ready and bankable projects as well as  a lack of understanding of what types of assets and projects qualify for green financing. This report aims to highlight green investment opportunities in China.It aims to facilitate greater engagement on this topic between project owners and developers, and institutional investors.


全球范围内,绿色基础设施建设正带来巨大的投资机遇。为了实现《巴黎协定》中提出的减排目标,从现在起至2030年,全球预计将产生价值约100万亿美元1( 707万亿人民币)的气候适应型基础设施需求。但目前该领域仍然缺乏可识别、可投资、可盈利的相关项目。同时,对于符合绿色金融条件的资产和项目类型也缺乏明确的界定。