Greater Bay Area - Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities (GIIO) | 粤港澳大湾区绿色基础设施投资机遇报告

This report highlights green infrastructure investment opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (the GBA) which consists of nine cities in the Guangdong Province, and two special administrative regions, i.e., Hong Kong and Macao, and is one of the economic growth engines and leading green finance regions in China.


中国在2030年前实现碳达峰是可行的。2021年,中国绿色债券发行量的迅猛增长有力地印证了其加快碳减排工作的雄心; 而实现中国宏大的 “双碳” 目标还需要加快绿色和可持续的投资并进一步壮大其规模。



China Green Bond Market Report 2021

China is very likely to reach its carbon peaking goal before 2030. The momentum seen in its 2021 green bond issuance will continue to support that. However, green and sustainable financing in China needs to further accelerate on a larger scale to provide the funding required to reach the 30·60 targets.

Learn more about the Green Bond market development in China in this new report produced by Climate Bonds Initiative and China Central Depository & Clearing Co. Ltd Research Centre (CCDC Research), with the support of HSBC.

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