Alert: nine days to go before 2nd Mass. Green Bond due out - 17 Sept - $250m this time, up from $100m last time.

In June last year the State of Massachusetts was the first to market in the USA with a green Muni. They're about to go again - their bond sales calendar has them going to market next week, on 17 September, with a new $250 million "general obligation" green bond.

Mass slashes GO bond offering ... but $100m green bond bit oversubscribed. Could that be a "market signal"?

The Massachusetts AA+ green bond I mentioned last week got a lot of coverage on release this week - even the WSJ ran the story. But there was a twist: it seems the State had to scale back the total $1.1bn GO offering to $670m on tepid demand, but the green bond bit was 30% oversubscribed.