New IEA "Net Zero by 2050" rpt says to meet climate targets we have stop all new oil & gas projects! As EIB Pres Hoyer says: "gas is over.”

The International Energy Agency (IEA), the world’s pre-eminent energy agency, coordinator of the world’s petroleum reserves, and a part of the OECD,  yesterday finally released its long-awaited report “Net Zero by 2050 Report – A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector”

In São Paulo on 30th May? Climate Bonds Executive Dialogue: Investment Potential: Brazil's Low Carbon Economy: Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy.

Profiling low carbon investment opportunities in energy, agriculture and infrastructure. 

The 2017 Executive Dialogue is a parallel session to the Brazil Investor Forum in São Paulo on May 30th.  

The Climate Bonds Initiative is convening an Executive Dialogue 2017 profiling Brazil’s emerging green bond market and investment opportunities in Agriculture, Energy & Infrastructure.

A huge part of addressing climate change is green infra investment. But what to do? McKinsey’s rpt on ‘How to mobilize private-sector financing for sustainable infra’ makes you shout YES YES YES. Beautiful.

Working on climate change involves reading a lot of reports. A lot. My general view nowadays is “Enough already! Can you we just do now and stop theorizing?”

But sometimes you come across a report and you find yourself sitting up in your seat and shouting “Yes Yes Yes” like that scene with Meg Ryan in the movie When Harry met Sally.

10 tweaks to transform the green economy

An agenda for change, by Nick Silver, Managing Director, Climate Bonds Initiative

To avoid dangerous climate change will require the equivalent of another industrial revolution. This can only be achieved if finance into the green economy is increased by an order of magnitude. This may be possible as many low carbon technologies are competitive with fossil fuel if the cost of finance is low enough

Boston Climate Bonds seminar Mon 23 Sept @SSgA / Sean Kidney Toronto Economic Club speech 24 Sept changed to breakfast (bumped by Canada's Minister for Finance!) / Climate Bonds Webinar Wed this week

Please join us in Boston on Monday September 23 for an intimate meeting about Bonds and Climate Change: the state of the market in 2013, 4-6pm. Please circulate this invite!

Speakers: Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds Initiative; Sean Flannery, Meister Consulting and former CIO SSgA Americas; Cheryl Smith, Trillium Investments.