The other option to shifting investment: capital steerage / Listen in to tomorrow's sold-out Paris Climate Bonds seminar

We have over 200 people signed up for our first Paris Climate Bonds seminar tomorrow with CDC Climat! If you can't join us by the Seine (it's going to be a beautiful 20C and sunny!) then you can listen in remotely via 14:30-16:30 CEST.

Doha snapshots: Negotiations? pffft / IEA+WB+UNEP+PwC+WMO: big gun reports fire away / meanwhile, in Uganda ....

- I’m in Qatar, a place slightly smaller than Connecticut, prosaically described in my travel guide app as “mainly flat and barren desert, covered with loose sand and gravel”. There’s not a lot of desert left in its capital, Doha, just a vast sea of choked-up highways (serious SUV traffic!) and low-rise buildings punctuated by monumentalist skyscrapers, all thanks to huge natural gas resources. Pity we're going to have to leave a large part of that gas in the ground if we're going to avoid catastrophic climate change.


Climate Bonds Standards Energy Efficiency Working Group starts work

Energy efficiency is a key investment area for the shift to a low-carbon economy. A Technical Working Group has been convened to develop eligibility criteria for the certification of energy efficiency related bonds under the Climate Bonds Standard.

The first meeting, via teleconference, was held on 20 July 2012.

This Working Group is focusing on the built environment; a separate Working Group will be convened to look at industrial and manufacturing energy efficiency.

Painful truth from Jeffrey Sachs / Mongolia to Japan grid will halve Japanese energy prices / China $284m wind bond / MIGA needs a push / IEA supports climate bonds / Korea shoots for 2% of GDP going into green growth

> In Korea, in the centre of dynamic Seoul, Jeffrey Sachs has just spelt out the painful truth in his speech to the Global Green Growth Summit:

“We are in deep trouble. Things are not working to fix the biggest problem we’ve had to fix. We have failed to do what, 20 years ago, we set out to do. We have squandered that 20 years.

This is an issue where you can feel good about a demonstration project here and there; but the scale of the impact is overwhelming us all.