Wkly blog: IFC green masala bond, India’s Yes Bank 2nd green bond, largest ever green muni from Sound Transit & GBs from EBRD, AKUO Energy, Terraform Global + lots of gossip of upcoming green bonds

Development Bank green bonds

IFC issued green masala bond for INR 3.15bn ($49.4m) (5-yr, 6.15%, AAA) with proceeds used to invest in Yes bank’s domestic green bond

EBRD $250m climate bond closes / Norway's REC planning $110m 5yr convertible / We're looking for climate science-savvy interns

1. That EBRD AAA, 5 year "environmental sustainability" bond I blogged yesterday is out; proceeds go to climate related investments. See the EBRD announcement at http://goo.gl/8HwOBH. And check out their FAQ. Coupon is 1.625%. There were 14 buyers: 51% US, 31% European, 18% Asian.

EBRD testing the market for a new AAA 4.5yr $250m "environmental sustainability" bond, a.k.a. climate bond

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is, according to a friendly source, planning a new $250 million, 4.5 year bond under their "Environmental Sustainability" bonds program. SEB and Morgan Stanley are currently testing investor demand on behalf of the bank.

Vanuatu lagoon musings / sunset for coal at EIB, WBnk, USExImBank / momentum for ‘Ditch Brown, Buy Green’

I’m writing beside a beautiful lagoon on the tropical South Pacific island of Espiritu Santo, not far from where I was born and spent my early years.

Working on climate change introduces a note of melancholia to such holidays: how long before my waterside bungalow gets washed away in more extreme storm surges and rising sea levels? Does that bizarre tubular jellyfish that I managed to avoid snorkelling today represent the new dominant as oceans acidify?

At least there is good news on the energy front: