Big week: SSgA elephant's green bond fund +UK passes (de-risking) Green Deal +EU announces Project Bond guarantees

1. The UK's Green Deal legislation went through Parliament this week - Hurrah! It allows residential retrofit loans to be repaid via electricity bills, and ties the loan to the house rather than householder. It will significantly reduce the risks of default, eventually allowing investment grade (climate) bonds to be issued against portfolios of these loans. It's a model that will need to be adopted in other countries if we're going to reduce emissions from the housing sector - but, it won't by itself solve the problem of take-up.

13 farewell COP snippets: >Indian hero >Finance Fund mess >China shows the way > and more

As the Cancun sun sets .... Russia helps sink Kyoto / UK Climate Change Committee a hit / Climate Finance Fund gets up / China’s low carbon Five Year Plan ... see below.

1. The UK Climate Change Committee (a statutory body under their Climate Action Bill) was popular amongst Cancun NGOs this week with its call for 60% emission cuts in the UK by 2030 and 50% by 2025. One NGO newsheet called it a “ray of sunshine”.