2016 Green Bond Awards


The green bond market has developed a lot since the first green bonds were issued and these awards celebrate that. The Green Bond Awards will raise the profile of green bonds while acknowledging global leadership in the sector. The Awards recognise pioneers who, through their actions, have demonstrated the potential of green bonds, energised the market and, by positive example, have called investors, governments and business to action. 





Awards & Certificates


Corporate Pioneer

Award: First corporate green bond


Certificate: Largest corporate green bond


Certificate: First high yield corporate green bond

NRG Yield

Certificate: First emerging market corporate green bond


Certificate: First billion dollar corporate green bond


Green Covered Bonds Pioneer

Award: First green covered bond

Berlin Hyp

Green Asset Backed Securities (ABS) Pioneer

Award: First green ABS

Hannon Armstrong

Certificate: First billion dollar green ABS

Toyota Financial Services

Underwriting Pioneer

Award: Pioneer underwriter


Green Bond Policy

Award: Pioneer in green bond policy development

The People’s Bank of China

Municipal Pioneer

Award: First municipal green bond


Certificate: First emerging market municipal green bond

City of Johannesburg

Certificate: Largest green municipal pioneer

Puget Sound Transit Authority

Certificate: First Canadian municipal green bond

Province of Ontario

National Pioneers

Award: First green bond – India

Yes Bank

Award: First green bond – China

Agricultural Bank of China

Certificate: First green bond – Mexico


Certificate: First green bond – Brazil


Certificate: First green bond – Peru

Energia Eolica

Certificate: First green bond – Hong Kong

Xinjiang Goldwing Science & Technology

Certificate: First green bond – Canada

Export Development Canada

Certificate: First green bond – UK

Unilever Plc

Certificate: First green bond – USA

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Certificate: First green bond - Italy

Enna Energia

Certificate: First green bond - Spain

Abengoa Greenfield

Certificate: First green bond – Taiwan


Certificate: First green bond – Korea

Export-Import Bank of Korea (Korea Eximbank)

Certificate: First green bond - Japan

Development Bank of Japan

Certificate: First green bond - Australia


Certificate: First green bond - Norway

Kommunalbanken AS

Certificate: First green bond - Sweden

City of Gothenburg

Certificate: First green bond – Germany

Landwirtsch Rentenbank

Certificate: First green bond - Netherlands


Commercial Bank Pioneer

Award: First commercial bank green bond

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Certificate: First certified commercial bank green bond


Certificate: First billion dollar commercial bank green bond

ING Bank

Certificate: Commercial bank second review pioneer

Morgan Stanley

Certificate: First certified commercial bank green bond for property


Award: First development bank green bond (and first green bond!)


Development Bank Pioneer

Award: Global Market Development Pioneer

World Bank

Certificate: First billion dollar green bond


Certificate: Largest green bond deal


Certificate: First European green bond

NRW Bank

Certificate: First retail green bond

World Bank

Certificate: Second review pioneer in green banking

World Bank

Certificate: Largest green bond issuer