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- Green bond list and tracking: See the full list of labelled green bonds

Climate Bonds Taxonomy 2018: A guide to climate aligned assets & projects: The 2018 version has adopted a traffic light system to indicate whether identified assets and projects are considered to be automatically compatible with a 2-degree decarbonisation trajectory, need further analysis or are automatically incompatible.

- CBI Green Bond Database Methodology – September 2018 (English version) and Chinese versionThe Climate Bonds Initiative uses a clear set of criteria to define green bonds as eligible for its Green Bond Database. More detail on the classification criteria and screening process is set out in our updated green bond database methodology. 

- Selected recent reports

- Bond analysis

  • the Market Blog contains commentary and analysis about most bonds issued - to view the latest market blogs, click here
  • quarterly and annual green bond market updates - global and for China - can be accessed here

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