Online Events & Webinars

Online Events & Webinars

In the wake of COVID-19 we have taken all our upcoming events onto online platforms of Webinars and Podcasts. Details are under Climate Bonds Connected and also below in our Events schedule.

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Annual Conference and ongoing training sessions:

Past Events

May 23, 2017 » London: Sean Kidney speaking at the FT Climate Finance Summit: Scaling Up Finance for Climate Action by the Financial Times
May 22, 2017 » London: Sean Kidney speaking at the TNC Roundtable on Land-use
May 19, 2017 » Delhi: Sean Kidney speaking at the Green Bonds & Clean Energy Roundtable hosted by the India Green Bonds Council, Climate Bonds Initiative and USAID
May 18, 2017 » Mumbai: Sean Kidney attending the 3rd India Green Bonds Council meeting
May 16, 2017 » Singapore: Sean Kidney speaking at the NAB Green Bonds Seminar
May 12, 2017 » Hong Kong: speaking at the IFoA Asia Conference 2017 by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
May 11, 2017 » Addis Ababa: Anna Creed speaking on Climate Bonds at the 2017 World Hydropower Congress by The International Hydropower Association (IHA)
May 9, 2017 » Zurich: Sean Kidney speaking at the Swiss Stock Exchange Roundtable on Green Bonds
May 8, 2017 » Venice, Italy: Sean Kidney speaking at the Annual Meeting of the San Giorgio Group 'Expanding Green, Low-Emissions Finance' hosted by the Climate Policy Initiative
May 4, 2017 » Madrid: Sean Kidney speaking at the Finance and Climate Change seminar by the Afi School of Finance