Online & In-person Events

Online & In-person Events

In the wake of COVID-19 we have taken all our upcoming events onto online platforms of Webinars and Podcasts. Details are under Climate Bonds Connected and also below in our Events schedule.

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Past Events

Apr 16, 2020 »

Podcast: Event Details:
EU Taxonomy Explored: Talks with TEG Experts: No 4: Manufacturing

Apr 14, 2020 »

COVID-19: Agronegócio 


  • Júlia Ambrosano, Climate Bonds
  • Marcos Fava Neves, USP - Doutor Agro
  • Rafaela Parra, Araûz & Advogados

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Apr 9, 2020 »

John Sinner
, European Investment Bank
Karsten Löffler, German Government's Sustainable Finance Advisory Council
Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds

Apr 9, 2020 »

Podcast: Event Details: EU Taxonomy Explored: Talks with TEG Experts: No 3: Energy Generation



Apr 7, 2020 »

La Tassonomia dell'UE: perché, cos’è, come si usa. Un colloquio con esperti del TEG

Martedì 7 aprile, 15:00 ora italiana (14:00 BST)

Unisciti agli esperti del TEG
Paolo Masoni, Presidente Ecoinnovazione srl,
Fabrizio Varriale, RICS insieme
Paolo Canfora, Funzionario scientifico, Centro Comune di Ricerca, Commissione Europea per discutere della nuova tassonomia dell'Unione Europea.

Webinar Details

Apr 2, 2020 »


Ursula Hartenberger
Fabrizio Varriale of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative


Apr 2, 2020 »

Podcast: Event Details:
EU Taxonomy Explored: Talks with TEG Experts: No 2: Low Carbon Buildings

Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of carbon emissions. Lowering the carbon intensity of the built environment in cities and urban areas needs significant investment. Join Sean Kidney, Ursula Hartenberger and Fabrizio Varriale as they discuss the challenges of driving capital towards sunstainable buildings and net-zero by 2050 and the opportunties opened by the EU taxonomy,

Mar 26, 2020 »

Join TEG members Nathan Fabian from PRI, Helena Viñes Fiestas from BNP Paribas AM and Sean Kidney having a conversation on the basics:

- Who will be affected by the new EU Taxonomy?
- What are the implications for investment in electricity, transport, buildings, etc?
- Is it wishful thinking or is it practical?
- Can the Taxonomy serve as the framework for post-virus stimulus packages?

Radio talk show format plus Q&A.

To be followed by seven "In-Depth Webinars" over the following weeks, April to May, where you’ll be able to get your detailed questions answered.
Supported by European Climate Foundation (ECF).

Mar 26, 2020 »

The Launch of EU Taxonomy marks a foundational change in how instiutional investors, asset managers and corporates will assess and determine low carbon investments directions, climate risks and new opportunities. The taxonomy has implications far wider than the EU and will gradually influence regulatory standards, regional guidelines and investor behaviour in multiple jurisdictions. Sean Kidney and guests discuss the implications in the first of a series of webinars on the EU Taxonomy. 

Mar 25, 2020 » Sean Kidney briefs the Helsinki Finance Community on EU Taxonomy in Helsinki.