Embracing Agri-Food Deforestation & Conversion Free Sourcing under Climate Bonds Standard for Entity Certification

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Event date: 
Apr 25, 2024
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12:00 London / 13:00 Paris

Join us for a first look at the Climate Bonds Agri-Foods Deforestation & Conversion Free Sourcing Criteria which serve as a procurement guide for aligning food sourcing strategies with 1.5°C climate goals, helping to green the financial sector. 

This criteria includes the establishment of clear dates to limit the timeframe of deforested-links products entering global supply chains and strong guidance on traceability and disclosure requirements, in coherence with new policy regulations driving changes in the market. In particular, the new criteria ensures consistency with EU Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR) and guide those aiming for the EU market for early awareness and adherence. Cut-off date established is 31 December 2020, supply chain of certifiable entities should be free from deforestation of natural forest and conversion of natural ecosystem.

The criteria have a clear focus on climate and biodiversity impacts, and safeguarding social equity, including human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples. The criteria is informed by other standards in the market and recent policy developments, with an aim to facilitate much needed progress towards food supply chains protective of climate and biodiversity.

The DCF Sourcing Criteria is targeted at entities: Companies operating within the food value chain which source agriculture commodities that are land-based and whose production might involve land use change from natural ecosystems (e.g. forests, peatlands, savannas). Assets, Use of Proceeds, Entities and Sustainability-Linked Debt instruments that enable or service the goal of deforestation and natural ecosystem conversion free sourcing (e.g. entities operating in the land-use change monitoring or traceability system space) can be certified under Climate Bonds Standard as 1.5ºC Aligned for eligible activities.

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Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)