Driving finance towards Transitions: Transition Plans challenges and opportunities

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Event date: 
Mar 30, 2023
Event time: 
12:00 London / 13:00 Paris

Assessing the credibility of a company’s decarbonisation begins with the rigour and ambition of a Transition Plan. We bring together experts who can draw insights on where to begin with Transition planning, what is the current state of guidance in the market and what do investors need to be assured the decarbonisation is credible and aligned with 1.5ºC pathway.





  1. Introduction / Welcome 
  2. Climate Bonds presentation – Manshu Deng & Matthew MacGeoch – Climate Bonds Initiative work on Transitions Plans 
  3. CDP presentation- Sylvester Bamkole -Transition Plan’s disclosure framework 
  4. Ceres presentation - Laura Draucker - Assessing the existing transition plan guidance and developing a consensus-driven definition of what a comprehensive Climate Transition Action Plan should include
  5. IIGCC presentation - Dan Gardiner - Guidance on Transition Plans 
  6. Q&A and Discussion 


Event sponsors: 
Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)