Transitioning to Low Carbon Cement - New Climate Bonds Standard Criteria

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Event date: 
Feb 22, 2022
Event time: 
03:00 PM Brussels / 02:00 PM London / 09:00 AM New York / 07:30 PM New Delhi / 10:00 PM Beijing

This webinar will mark the release of the Cement Criteria for public consultation under Climate Bonds' Transition Programme. The aim is to encourage stakeholder input and feedback during consultation, field questions and provide clarifications during the webinar, and to engage potential certifiers and other stakeholders.

The Criteria intend to provide a succinct set of decision rules for determining when cement assets and activities are compatible with the necessary transition to a low carbon, climate resilient economy, and are eligible for certification under the Climate Bonds Standard.

Public consultation will run for 60 days, closing on 23 April. We invite all stakeholders from industry, civil society, academia and finance to attend this webinar and to provide feedback on the criteria during consultation.


- Sean Kidney, CEO & Co-Funder, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Anna Creed, Associate Director of Thought Leadership, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Cyrille Dunant, Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Event speakers: 
Anna Creed
Chris Moore
Cyrille Dunant
Sean Kidney