Agriculture Criteria: How to Identify Eligible Projects and Assets

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Jun 23, 2021
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10am Brasilia / 2pm London / 9pm Beijing

Augmenting investment into agriculture offers enormous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The land use sector receives only 2.5% of public mitigation finance yet is responsible for up to about 25% of global emissions. Only 0.9% of green bond investment is directed towards land use. 

The Agriculture Criteria will assist in creating new capital flows into the sector with a new science-based framework that includes definitions and a screening mechanism for projects, assets, and activities against which both issuers and investors can assess green bonds. The qualifying projects and assets will be eligible for Certification under the Climate Bonds Standard.

The Climate Bonds Initiative sees a role for the $100 trillion bond market in addressing the huge funding needs of the global agriculture sector.



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Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
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Alex Vervuurt
Anna Creed
Charton Locks
Fabricio Pezente