The Electrical Grids and Storage Criteria – Public Consultation Webinar

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Event date: 
Jun 8, 2021
Event time: 
10:15 London / 11:15 Brussels / 17:15 Hong Kong

Expanding and upgrading electricity grid and storage infrastructure is crucial to meeting the steep decarbonisation goals for energy systems. More flexible and distributed systems are needed to bring about clean electricity.

At the same time, this infrastructure is vital for the decarbonisation of other sectors. For industrial sectors or buildings, electrification is a key means to achieving that. The dependence of so many sectors and societies on stable electricity provision makes grid resilience essential.

This webinar will discuss Climate Bonds' development of criteria for the transmission and distribution of electricity (i.e. Grids). Laying out the rationale and direction behind this criteria, we are seeking engagement from reviewers around the world to feed into our public consultation process for these Criteria.

Event sponsors: 
Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
Event speakers: 
Chris Moore
Ian Walker
Sean Kidney