Deutsche Kreditbank Climate Certified Bonds

Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) is a wholly subsidiary of BayernLB. In June 2016, they issued a EUR 500m Climate Certified Bond. Proceeds will be used to refinance loans for the construction and operation of onshore wind and solar plants.

DKB has identified 181 assets – 66 wind and 115 solar projects – that may be financed by the proceeds.


This is the first Certified Climate Bond from Germany.



Issue Month

Size in issuance currency (in USD)



Sector Criteria

Verifier's Report

Ongoing Compliance Reports Further information
EUR 500m (USD 570m) 5 years

Germany (70%)
Rest of Europe (27%)
Asia (3%)

Solar (61%)

Wind (39%)

Oekom pre issue report

Oekom post issue report

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2017
(note that this report includes both the Certified Climate Bond from 2016 and their second green bond in 2017, which is not Certified)




DKB Green Bonds website

Green Bond Framework (contained within Social Bond Framework)