State of the Market

Climate Investment Opportunities: Climate-Aligned Bonds & Issuers 2020

Climate Investment Opportunities: Climate-Aligned Bonds & Issuers 2020 report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global unlabelled climate-aligned bond market, which consists of investment opportunities that extend beyond the thematic bond market. These instruments are identified via a proprietary methodology developed by Climate Bonds.

ASEAN Sustainable Finance State of the Market 2020

The ASEAN sustainable finance market maintains rapid growth despite the negative impact of COVID-19, focusing the attention on the need for a sustainable economic recovery. 

The report outlines regional and national developments covering three overarching debt themes, Green, Social, and Sustainability. Also covered are key policy developments that are anticipated to drive ASEAN’s sustainable finance market.

Regional highlights

Brazil Briefing: Agriculture Sustainable Finance State of The Market

The Brazil briefing on the Agriculture Sustainable Finance State of The Market provides an analysis of how labeled bonds are currently used to finance sustainable agriculture projects, assets and activities in the country. According to the study, green bonds account for 84% of the Brazilian sustainable debt market, with a cumulative total of USD 9 billion issued by February 2021. Next are sustainability bonds with USD 1.6 billion representing 15% of the total volume. And finally, social bonds with USD 111 million, equivalent to 1% of the market.