Tanja Havemann

Tanja Havemann

Director, Clarmondial

Tanja is a seasoned environmental finance expert, with experience in developing and supporting sustainability-focused investments for investors, companies, NGOs and governments. Her primary areas of interest are sustainable land management (for food, fuel, fiber and ecosystem services) and emerging markets. She has authored various publications, including on climate smart agriculture and green microfinance. Tanja is a frequent speaker at workshops and high-level conferences, a selected list of engagements and publications can be found below.

Tanja leads CBI’s development of sector-specific guidance on the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sectors,  including fisheries. Through Clarmondial’s existing work and the CBI AFOLU Industry Working Group, Tanja is in close discussions with relevant companies to mobilize interest in the use of green bonds. Tanja is also involved in on-going efforts to understand the overlaps between the Climate Bonds Standard, impact investing and Islamic finance. 

Tanja founded Clarmondial in 2010. Clarmondial has been instrumental in catalyzing equity and debt investments and grants in climate smart solutions in emerging markets, including in renewable energy and agriculture. She previously advised the Terrestrial Carbon Group (the H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment) on climate finance. Prior to that, she worked at Climate Change Capital (CCC), initially in the advisory team, and subsequently as an investment associate. She was also CCC’s lead AFOLU specialist and contributed to the development of the first AFOLU Verified Carbon Market (VCS) guidance. Tanja also has board level experience. 

Tanja is a Swiss and Danish national, resident in Zürich. She spent 7 years living in Tanzania, and 11 years in Kenya. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Tropical Environmental Science from Aberdeen  University, an MSc in Applied Environmental Economics from Imperial College London, and an LLM in Environmental Law and Policy from the University of Kent.

Past speaking engagements:

  • “Green Bonds – AFOLU, Update & Prospects”; Global Landscapes Forum, London, 10 June 2015
  •  “Green Bonds – Overview & Opportunities”; University of Zürich, Zürich, 29 April 2015
  •  “Linking East African farmers to 150 million regional consumers”; Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, online, 28 April 2015
  •  “Green Bonds – Overview”; UNDP Green Growth Strategy Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, 21 April 2015
  •  “Financing Climate Smart Agriculture”; Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, Abu Dhabi, 9 March 2015
  •  “Introduction to innovative finance”; private high-level NGO, donor & government workshop, Dar es Salaam, February 10 2015
  • “Climate Bonds Overview”, GIZ workshop, Frankfurt, 8 October 2014
  •  “Financing Low Emissions Development in the AFOLU sectors”; Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) 
  • Global Partnership meeting, Yogyakarta, 12 October 2014 “Financing green growth in Vietnam”, private Government & donor meeting, 2 May 2014
  •  “Natural Capital Roundtable”; Natural Capital Declaration Roundtable, Zürich, 23 January 2014
  • “Sustainable agriculture investing”, TBLI Europe, 14 November 2013

Publications by Tanja

  • “Steps Towards Green: Policy Responses to the Environmental Footprint of Commodity Agriculture in East and Southeast Asia”, lead author on case studies in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Thailand and the Philippines, World Bank publication, forthcoming 2015
  •  “5th European Microfinance Award, Microfinance and the Environment”, Tanja Havemann & Fred Werneck, March 2015
  •  “Integrating natural capital with rural finance”, Tanja Havemann & Davide Forcella, A+FS Network Newsletter, January 2015
  •  “Investing in fresh produce markets to promote local agricultural development”, Tanja Havemann, A+FS Network Newsletter, October 2015 
  •  “Joining the dots between rural finance and natural capital?”, Tanja Havemann, Clarmondial blog post, 2014
  •  “Carbon… and impact investing?”, Tanja Havemann & Samiksha Nair, Clarmondial blog post, 2014
  •  “Risk allocation in impact bonds: Fair game?”, Fred Werneck & Tanja Havemann, Clarmondial blog post, 2014
  •  “Fraud and corruption in the Carbon Finance Markets – Lessons learnt”, Tanja Havemann & Amanda Gore, Transparency International Switzerland, 2012
  •  “Coordinating finance for climate-smart agriculture”, Seth Shames, Rachel Friedman, Tanja Havemann, EcoAgriculture Discussion Paper No. 9, 2012
  •  “Mechanisms for agricultural climate change mitigation incentives for smallholders”, Tanja Havemann & Veruska Muccione, CCAFS Report 6, 2011
  •  “Financing mitigation in smallholder agricultural systems: Issues and opportunities, Tanja Havemann, CCAFS Working Paper, 2011
  •  “A System to Deliver Terrestrial Carbon Mitigation (REDD+ to AFOLU): Functions, Institutions and Transition Pathways”, Anna Creed & Tanja Havemann, The Terrestrial Carbon Group, 2009
  •  “Measuring and Monitoring Terrestrial Carbon: The State of the Science and Implications for Policy Makers”, Tanja Havemann, The Terrestrial Carbon Group, 2009

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