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COP28 (Dubai): December 1, 08:00 (GST) | California Insurance Commissioner Event - 'Frontloading equity in financing coastal resilience' – Speaker  

Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone   


COP28 (Dubai): December 2, 14:00 (GST) | Rwanda Finance Limited (RFL) - Rwanda Green Taxonomy Showcase – Speaker  

Rwanda Pavilion   


COP28 (Dubai)December 3, 11:30 (GST) | Fundacion Biodiversidad (F.S.P.) Panel: 'Fostering Adaptation to Climate Change' – Speaker  

Spain Pavilion, Blue Zone 


COP28 (Dubai): December 3, 13:15 (GST) | International Climate Dialogue (ICD) and the Taiwan Climate Partnership (TCP) Side Event - 'Green Finance' – Speaker  

A3-205, Thematic Arenas 3, Opportunity, Blue Zone 


COP28 (Dubai): December 3, 11:30 (GST) | S&P Global - ‘Financing the Transition – Market Supports for Transformation' – Speaker 

Climate Innovation Zone, Madinat Jumeirah Dubai  


COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 11:30 (GST) | UNDRR Event on taxonomies – Speaker  

Iraq Pavilion   


COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 13:00 (GST) | India Pavilion Side Event – Mobilizing Climate Finance for Low Carbon Development – Speaker  

India Pavilion, Blue Zone 


COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 14:00 (GST) | FAIRR Initiative - 'Climate-Finance-Food Nexus: Navigating the Climate Risks and Opportunities' – Speaker 

Food4Climate Pavillion, Blue Zone 


COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 15:00 (GST) | British Standards Institute (BSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - Roundtable: 'Sustainable Targets and Net-Zero targets - The Role of Standards' – Speaker  

ISO Standards Cafe, Blue Zone, Opportunity District, Thematic Arena 3   


COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 16:30 (GST) | Emirates NBD Capital -   'Embracing green capital markets' – Speaker 

Climate Finance Hub Stage, Green Zone  


COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 17:30 (GST) | NDB Seminar - Private Capital Mobilisation for Emerging Markets and Developing Countries (EDMCs) – Speaker 

joint MDBs Pavilion  


Virtual / Japan: December 5, 17:00 (JST) | CFA Society Japan Webinar - 'Addressing the Challenges of Financed Emissions – Position Paper and Initiatives of the Transition Finance' – Speaker 


COP28 (Dubai) [Live Recording]: December 5, 18:00 (GST) | EU Side Event - 'How governments can take advantage of the green bonds market for a just green transition' – Speaker 

DU RTG Studio, Brussels Channel 2/ COP EU pavilion 


Virtual / China:  December 6 | China SIF annual conference – Speaker 

*co-organised by Climate Bonds and Syntao Green Finance  


COP28 (Dubai): December 6, 11:30 (GST) | Bloomberg Investing Climate Intelligence Seminar - 'How investors push climate action' – Speaker  

Jumeriah Towers Hotel   


COP28 (Dubai): December 6, 14:00 (GST) | World Bank Event -  Unlocking the Potential of Railways through Climate Finance' – Speaker 

World Bank PavillionBlue Zone  


Virtual / Jakarta December 7, 10:00 (WIT) | Mandiri Sustainability Forum (MSF) - Shaping a Sustainable Financial Sector: Issues & Challenges' – Speaker  

*Hosted by Bank Mandiri  


COP28 (Dubai): December 7, 12:15 (GST) | Bain Event - 'Unlocking Climate Transition Finance' – Speaker 

Global Goals Room / Climate Action Innovation Zone - Madinat Jumeriah Conference Centre 


COP28 (Dubai): December 7, 16:00 (GST) | World Climate Summit – The Investment COP - 'Six Years to Succeed: Advancing Policy, Innovation and Investments to Meet 2030 Targets – Moderator  

Conrad Dubai  


Virtual: December 7, 15:30 (CET) | International Secondary Mortgage Market Association (ISMMA) Webinar - Taxonomy and EPBD – Speaker


COP28 (Dubai): December 8, 14:35 (GST) | GFG Alliance, World Climate Summit Side Event – 'Unlocking the Opportunity in ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors' – Speaker  

Conrad Dubai   


COP28 (Dubai): December 9, 11:00 (GST) | ADB Event - 'Innovative Finance for Nature-based Solutions' - 'Scaling up Nature Bonds' – Speaker 

ADB Pavillion, Blue Zone  


COP28 (Dubai): December 9, 16:00 (GST) | Australian Sustainable Finance Institute (ASFI) – Accelerating transition finance for climate action – Speaker  

Australia Pavilion 


COP28 (Dubai): December 8, 10:00 (GST) | Classification Mechanisms for Sustainable Economic Activities around the World – Speaker  

Bellona Pavilion, Blue Zone 


BrusselsDecember 12 | Platform useability committee (SG1) Meeting  


Virtual: December 12 | EU Plenary meeting of Platform on Sustainable Finance 


Virtual: December 12, 14:00 (GMT) | Climate Bonds Initiative, Hydrogen Criteria Launch Webinar – Speaker  


Virtual / Mexico City: December 14, 13:30 (CST) | UNEP capacity building output - Thematic Debt Instruments and Climate Change – Speaker  


London: December 15, 08:00 (GMT) | Climate Bonds Initiative and ESG Book - Post COP 28 Event Debrief - Unpacking relevant takeaway from COP18 for FIs – Speaker  

*Organised by ESG Book and Climate Bonds  




Climate Bonds Initiative COP28 Session: December 1, 15:00 (GST) | Catalysing Investments in Resilience – Trailblazing Investors and Pioneering Bond Issuers – Moderator  

*In partnership with AIIB 

AIIB Pavilion, Blue Zone 


COP28 (Dubai): December 2, 14:00 (GST) | Pioneering Evidence-Based Finance Instruments for Food Systems Transformation – Speaker   

Food and Agriculture Pavilion of the CGIAR, FAO, IFAD, Rockefeller Foundation  




COP28 (Dubai): December 8, 10:00 (GST) | Classification Mechanisms for Sustainable Economic Activities around the World – Speaker  

Bellona Pavilion, Blue Zone  




COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 15:00 (GST) | Scaling blended Finance Mechanisms for Financing Just Transition in Emerging Economies – Speaker 

IEEFA at Expo City Dubai Green Zone  




COP28 (Dubai): December 3, 10:00 (GST) | Launch of New Study Assessing the Critical Role of Inter-Connection to Support a Paris-Aligned Energy Transition – Speaker  

Kinsale Meeting Room, Voco Bonnington Dubai, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster J 

COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 13:00 (GST) | UNFCCC Side Event – Sustainable Energy Development –  from Control of Energy Consumption & Energy Consumption Intensity to Control of Carbon Emissions & Carbon Emissions Intensity – Speaker  

China Pavilion, Blue Zone




COP28 (Dubai): December 4, 16:00 (GST) | Barriers to investing in EM and mobilizing debt markets for a Just Transition – Speaker  

Sustainable Energy for All Pavilion, Blue Zone  


COP28 (Dubai): December 6, 14:00 (GST) | Turbocharging EMDEs’ Energy Transition by Addressing Local Currency Risk in Green Bonds – Speaker  

IRENA Pavilion, Blue Zone 




COP28 (Dubai): December 6, 13:30 (GST) | Advancing Energy Equity Transition, Amplifying Enterprise and Market Leadership, Accelerating Clean Technology Innovation – Speaker  

China Pavilion EXPO 2020 








Virtual Photos and Recordings Now Available: Climate Bonds' Global Conference! 



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