November Events Blog: COP27; Reuters, Sustainability Reporting & Communications Europe 2022; Climate Bonds Regional Seminar Latin America & Caribbean; 4th Sustainable Finance Course; Expo Negocios Inmobiliarios and much more!




From Egypt to Portugal to Japan: it's been great to see some of you again in person – and on Zoom!

This is our monthly schedule of events. See below how you can CONNECT with us! 







Training Sessions Coming up 



Deep Dive in Taxonomies17 and 18 November 2022. Register here. 


GSS+ Bonds Training, to be delivered for the first time on 22, 23 and 24 November 2022. Register here. 









Following the success of our London Conference, #ClimateBondsCONNECT2022 now heads to Mexico City and New York!


As climate impacts batter communities on all continents, scientists agree: we are in a climate emergency and the window of opportunity to align our economies to a safer 1.5-degree pathway is closing fast. 


We're living the era of volatility, but there is hope. The Green Bond Market has just hit the USD2tn milestone, and we know institutional investors are taking the lead in cutting emissions and building resilience in communities to protect them from the impacts of climate change. However, we need to do more. And fast. We CAN change our future by reaching the #5TrillionBy2025 goal. 


The next event of our series is the LAC Regional Seminar on 29 - 30 November & 1 December in Mexico City! 


Join the conversation on how the #SustainableFinance market can facilitate a rapid, complete transition to a green future. 














Singapore: 3 November - 11:30 (SST) | Barclays Asia Forum - SOLVING SUSTAINABLE: Getting real about Asia’s energy transition - Speaker     



Luxor:  5 November - 14:30 (EET) | Global Green Grids Initiative Luxor Forum - Panel 'Making it Bankable' - Speaker  

*Co-sponsored by the Climate Parliament, the Pan-African Parliament and the UN Industrial Development Organisation 



COP (Egypt):  9 November - 10:30 (EET) | CDP and Future or Sustainable Data Alliance (FoSDA)  roundtable - 'Data for Public Good – Steering the Role of ESG Data and Scoring Providers' - Speaker.  

Blue Zone, We Mean Business Pavilion 


COP:  9 November - 14:30 (EET) | Sustainable Innovation Forum - 'Financing 1.5 degrees' – Moderator 

Innovation Zone 


COP:  9 November - EU FISMA side event - 'International development of taxonomies' – Speaker  



COP:  10 November - 12:00 (EET) – CNMV (Spain’s financial services regulator) - Global taxonomies – Speaker.  

Blue Zone, Spanish Pavillion 



COP:  11 November - 16:00 (EET) - First Abu Dhabi Bank - Scaling sustainable finance: The role of a taxonomy - Speaker.  

Blue Zone, UAE Pavillion 


COP: 14 November 09:00 (EET) | Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - Role of capital markets in mobilizing investments for resilient infrastructure.  

Blue Zone, MDB Pavillion


COP: 14 November - 09:15 (EET) | World Climate Summit: Closing the Finance Gap Together - Commitments, Collaboration and Action Towards 2030 - Opening plenary session - Moderator.    

Park Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort 58, Gardens Bay    

COP: 14 November - 14:00 (EET) | Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) - 'Role of Renewable Energy, Hydrogen and Transition Fuels Towards India’s Target of Net Zero' - Speaker 

India Pavilion


COP: 14 November - 16:10 (EET) | Climate Investment and Finance Forum - 'Finance in Green and Low-carbon Transition' - Speaker  

China Pavillion 

*Co-organised by: China Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Group, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences Climate Investment and Finance Association, China Banking Association  

Supported by: Beijing Institute of Green Finance and Sustainable Development, OGCI China Climate Investment 


COP: 15 November - National Industry Federation (CNI) | Dialogue for a Low-carbon Economy - 'Climate Finance'' - Speaker 

Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach Resort 

COP: 16 November - 13:00 (EET) | Resilient Cities Network - 'Implementation Lab - Building Resilient Infrastructure along the Coast' 

*Co-hosted by:  UN Climate Champions & C-Team

Blue Zone 

Tokyo: 18 November - 13:20 (JST) | ICMA & JSDA Annual Sustainable Bond Conference, Tokyo - Financing climate transition to achieve carbon neutrality' - Speaker   


Sri Lanka: 18 November - 09:00 (IST) | University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka: International Conference on Business and Information - Building Business Resilience to Climate Change in Frontier Markets - Keynote  


London:  22 November | Reuters, Sustainability Reporting & Communications Europe 2022 - Taxonomy panel: Sustainable Finance Regulation - Keynote Panel: 'Utilising the Taxonomies'   


Asia: 24 November - 15:00 (PST) / 07:00 (GMT) | Asian Development Bank Webinar - Impacts of Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for Financial Institutions - Speaker 


Asia: 29 November | Global Green Finance Leadership Program (GFLP): Scaling-up Sustainable Finance in Southeast Asia - 'Environmental disclosure' - Speaker 

*jointly organized by Beijing Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS), and World Bank Group Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Finance Hub in Malaysia 


Mexico City:  29 November - 1 December | Climate Bonds Regional Seminar Latin America & Caribbean  


Mexico City:  30 November - 09:10 (CST) / 15:10 (GMT) | Climate Bonds Regional Seminar Latin America & Caribbean - LAC’s role in reaching the USD5tn mark for the sustainable  finance market - Keynote 


Mexico City30 November - 09:40 CST / 15:40 (GMT) | Climate Bonds Regional Seminar Latin America & Caribbean - Context and Outlook in the Mexican market - Keynote 


Mexico City1 December - 14:10 (CST) | Climate Bonds Regional Seminar Latin America & Caribbean  - Closing remarks 







COP:  11 November - 14:30 (EET) - Decarbonisation Market Reform - Speaker  

Malaysia Pavilion, Blue Zone 



COP: 14 November 09:00 (EET) | Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - Role of capital markets in mobilizing investments for resilient infrastructure.  

Blue Zone, MDB Pavillion 





Portugal: November 16 - 09:00 - 11:00 (UK Time) | 4th Sustainable Finance Course: Green bonds and how to issue one – Speaker