November Online Events: COP26, Bloomberg Sustainable Bond Event, Latam Green Virtual Summit, Guatemala Stock Exchange and more!






From Glascow to Guatemala to New Zealand: we're still online most of the time (but some of us managed to be at COP26 in person!)

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We will soon launch specific training approaching new topics, responding to the continuous demand for Green Bond expertise. In the meantime, we can also develop tailored experiences, built upon you and your organisation’s needs.


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Asia: 1 November - 16:00 SGT / 08:00 GMT - TCX Webinar - 'Growing Green Bonds in Vietnam for Renewable Energy projects' - Moderator


COP26:  3 November - 10:00-11:00 GMT - 'The Power of Partnership: UK-Colombia lessons learned from Green Finance programmes'  - Speaker

Colombia Pavilion, Blue Zone


COP26:  3 November - 16:00-17:00 GMT - CEBDS Brazil Climate Financing Event -  'New climate finance: Instruments, opportunities and innovation to unlock the new economy' - Moderator. Brazil Climate Action Hub, Blue Zone 


COP26:  3 November - 17:15-18:45 GMT - Bellona event - 'International Ripple Effects of the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy' - Speaker

Bellona Pavilion, Blue Zone 


COP26: 4 November- 15:30-16:15 GMT - Credit Suisse - 'Partnering for change: the enabling role of financial & professional services' - Speaker. Green Horizon Summit, South Rotunda


COP26:  4 November - 17:00-18:30 GMT - VEB.RF, State Development Corporation -  'Facilitating Energy Transition through Sustainable Finance' - Speaker. IDFC Pavilion Blue Zone


COP26: 4 November - 20:30-21:30 GMT - European Commission side event -  ‘Building blocks for transformative climate action’ - Speaker


Africa: 5 November - The Actuarial Society of Kenya  (TASK) Greening The Financial Systems  - 'Sustainable Business as Drivers for Change' -  Keynote


Africa: 5 November - Launch of the Green Listings at the FMDQ Exchange, Lagos Actuarial Society of Kenya  (TASK) Greening The Financial Systems  - 'Sustainable Business as Drivers for Change' -  Keynote


COP26: 8 November - 11:00-14:00 GMT - OECD Roundtable High Level Principles for Transition Finance - Speaker


Canada: 8 November - 12:00 EDT/17:00 GMT - The Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) ESG & Transition Bonds Conference - Keynote


Asia: 9 November - 15:30 MYT/07:30 GMT - Securities Commission Malaysia: Sustainable Finance Week - 'The Transition Revolution' - Speaker 


Switzerland: 9 November - 08:30 GMT - SECO Government strategy session - Speaker


COP26: 9 November  - 16:00-17:30 GMT - VEB.RF, State Development Corporation - 'ESG Risks and Ratings in Climate and Sustainable Development Projects' - Speaker


COP26: 10 November - S&P Global - 'Destination Zero' - Speaker 


COP26: 11 November - 14:30-15:30 - NIB Sustainability Policy event 'Nordic Baltic countries sharpen their climate financing' - Speaker. Nordic Pavilion  Blue Zone


16/17 November: EU Platform meetings 


Australia: 17 November - 17:30 AEDT / 06:30 GMT - National Australia Bank (NAB)  - 'COP26 Unpacked: Next Steps for the Transition' - Speaker 


India:  18 November - 12:00 IST / 06:30 GMT - Webinar: Embracing ESG Opportunities and Challenges in the Race for Net Zero with MUFG Bank 


UK: 18 November - 12:00 GMT - Bloomberg Sustainable Bond Event - Introduction and keynote


China: 18 November - CICC FICC Forum - Keynote


Europe: 22 November - 15:00 CET / 14:00 GMT - Afi, Sustainable Finance Platform Webinar - 'Debate on the action and potential of the Sustainable finance platform'-  Speaker 


New Zealand: 23 November - 09:30 NZST / 20:30 GMT - University of Otago, Assembly of Investment Chairs 2021 - 'Green bonds and property: an international perspective?' - Speaker 


Europe:  26 November -  13:00 GMT - Reuters Sustainable Finance & Reporting Europe - 'EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy: Defining Environmental Performance' - Speaker




1 - 6 November  | COP26 - UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 - Attendee





03 November - 11:10am (COT) | Latam Green Virtual Summit - Moderator 


10 November - 10:00am (COT) | Emisión de Bonos Soberanos Verdes, Sociales y Sostenibles para America Latina y Caribe - Moderator 


11 November - 06:00pm (CDMX) | US Green CC MX. Mexico SoTM presentation - Speaker


13 November - 08:00am (COT) | Universidad del Rosario Colombia. General Green Finance  - Speaker 




04 November - 09:30am - 11:00am (BRT)  | Cidades sustentáveis e inteligentes: infraestrutura social e urbana - Speaker 




03 November - 08:00am - 09:00am (Beijing Time)  | Sustainability challenges within the rail and shipping industries and how Kiwi Rail is seeking to address these with the Climate Bonds Initiative certification process - Speaker 





16 November - 8:00am (Guatemala Time) / 11:00am (BRT) | Guatemala Stock Exchange - Speaker 




04 November - 8:00am - 11:00am (BRT)  | CONACREDI AGRO - Speaker 


10 November - 3:50pm - 4:10pm (BRT) | ESG: O desafio e oportunidades para o agronegócio - Speaker


24 November - 8:00pm - 10:00pm (BRT)  | Das finanças ao compliance, ESG como orientador das práticas de negócio - Speaker 





Climate Bonds Initiative will be in Glasgow from 2 – 11 November. Our team will be speaking at the following events:


November 03 at 9:30

The Power of Partnership: Colombia and UK collaboration on Green Finance, Venue: Colombia Pavilion


November 03 at 16:00

CEBDS Brazil Climate Financing Event  Venue:  Brazil's Climate Action Hub, Blue Zone


November 03 at 17:15

International Ripple Effects of the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy Venue: Bellona Pavilion, Blue Zone COP26/Online


November 04 at 9:30

Using green bond issuance to drive company transition, Venue: Four Winds Pavilion, Pacific Quay, online; Organizer: Deutsche Bank


November 4 at 15:30

Partnering for Change, the enabling role of financial and professional services, Venue: Green Horizon Summit; Organiser Credit Suisse


November 04 at 16:30

Facilitating Energy Transition through Sustainable Finance, Venue: IDFC Pavilion


November 04 at 20:30

Building blocks for transformative climate action, Venue: Online


November 9 at 17:00

ESG Risks and Ratings in Climate and Sustainable Development Projects, Venue Russian Pavilion; Organiser VEB.RF


November 10

S&P Global Event - ”Destination Zero” Venue: The Corinthian Club 


November 11 at 14:30

Nordic Baltic countries sharpen their climate financing, Venue: SEC Centre, Hall 4 Nordic Pavilion Organizer: Nordic Investment Bank or contact CBI directly to arrange a meeting


  • Sean Kidney
    CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative, CBI
    Available in-person: Nov 03- 10  


  • Michelle Horsfield
    Head of Sustainability Standards, CBI
    Available in person: Nov 01-06           

    Focal Issues: sustainability standards, industrial transition

  • Krista Tukiainen
    Head of Market Intelligence and Research, CBI
    Available in-person: Nov 01-06

    Focal Issues: Public/private climate finance instruments, mechanisms, and data (to enable transition)


  • Anna Creed
    Director of Thought Leadership, CBI
    Available online: Nov 01-06

    Focal Issues: Finance, transitions pathways, banks


  • Prashant Vaze
    Senior Advisor, CBI                                                                        Available in-person: Nov 08-13    

    Focal Issues: Energy transition, MDBs and central banks


  • Lily Burge
    Policy Analyst, CBI
    Available in-person: Nov 08-13

    Focal Issues: Central banks, role of gas in the transition                                                                            


  • Clodagh Muldoon
    Policy Manager, CBI;                                                                     Available in-person: Nov 01-06   

    Focal Issues: Green finance, green bonds, investor appetite, taxonomy, disclosure, reporting requirements, and investors’ interest in climate finance


  • Ujala Qadir
    Head of Project Design, CBI                                                                                                                                                  Available virtually: Nov 08-13                   

    Focal Issues: Resilience


  • Mike Paparian
    Senior Advisor, CBI
    Available in-person: Nov 01-13

    Focal Issues: USA Climate Finance


  • Leena Fatin
    Senior Communications & Digital Manager, CBI                                                                                                                 Available in-person: Nov 08-11







More events to come in December     

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Climate Bonds.