Climate Bonds & Planet Tracker Join Inevitable Policy Response (IPR) Research Consortium

Global Green and Sustainable Finance NGO’s to boost forecasting group capacity 

Climate Bonds Initiative and Planet Tracker are the latest NGOs to join the Inevitable Policy Response (IPR) Research Consortium adding additional expertise in green and climate finance to the forecasting group. 

Both organisations have extensive track records in sustainable finance and investor engagement, with Climate Bonds focussed on building green and transition-based investment in the $100tn debt global market. 

Planet Tracker is a non-profit financial think tank aligning capital markets with planetary boundaries. It was created to analyse the risk of market failure related to environmental limits which are often not aligned with investor capital. Planet Tracker redefines how financial and environmental data interact with the aim of changing the practices of financial decision makers to help avoid both environmental and financial failure.


What is the Inevitable Policy Response? 

Commissioned by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2018, IPR is a pioneering project which aims to prepare markets and investors for risks from the coming acceleration of climate policy and regulatory responses at a global and national level. 


The Role of Research Partners 

Consortium partners contribute to and inform IPR forecasts. Existing IPR NGO consortium members include 2 Degrees Investing Initiative (2DII) and Carbon Tracker Initiative and both have contributed to previous Forecast Policy Scenarios (FPS) released by IPR. 

 Robin Millington, CEO, Planet Tracker 

The IPR is creating fresh insights and forecasts against which Planet Tracker can test its research and hypotheses. We are honoured to become a partner in this timely and important initiative”.



Sean Kidney CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative: 


“Joining the Inevitable Policy Response research consortium expands our engagement around climate and transition related financial challenges. IPR occupies an increasingly critical role for investors in outlining the future landscapes and global policy drivers that will impact investment decisions. We’re happy to partner in this vital work.”   


The last word – Webinar 

Register early for our July 29th joint webinar with the Principles for Responsible Investment and IPR.

Join Climate Bonds' CEO, Sean Kidney, PRI CEO, Fiona Reynolds and IPR Program Director Mark Fulton. 

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